Most Airbnb hosts use static pricing, they charge the same price for every day of the year. A big mistake. When demand is high, your prices should be high, when demand is low, so should your prices be. How do you figure out what the demand for your place is? Here’s what you can do.

  1. Weekdays vs weekends
  2. My apartment is located in a neighborhood in Amsterdam that’s very popular with tourists. Demand for my place is higher during the weekends than during weekdays. This is reflected in my pricing, as weekends are about 30% more expensive than weekdays.

    If your space in located in a business district, you’ll likely see higher demand during the week. You can figure this out by asking your guests what the purpose of their visit is and by looking at hotel prices in your neighborhood.

  3. High season vs Low season
  4. It’s likely that the demand for your space will vary with the seasons. If your house is near the beach, summers will be more popular. If you’re near a ski resort, the winters will be. Contact the local tourism board to see if you can find any statistics .

    I personally use three seasons: high-, mid- and low season. You could take it a step further and adjust your prices monthly. It depends on how much of a perfectionist you are. In any case, I recommend you at least use high and low season, based on the visitor statistics.

  5. Special dates
  6. Throughout the year there will be certain periods where demand will peak. This could be around Christmas and New year, Easter or around other national holidays. Demand can also be high as a result of a large event happening in your area. Make sure you check for this and adjust prices accordingly. You can look at hotel prices to get an idea.

When you’ve figured out how demand varies throughout the year, it’s time to decide how much of a premium to charge for high demand times. The best way to figure this out is by trial and error. I suggest you start by setting high season prices about 50 – 70% higher than low season pricing and 100% higher for peak dates.

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