Being successful as an Airbnb host starts with building a solid reputation. This is mainly done by gathering positive reviews. But even before you’ve hosted a single group, you can build some credibility by requesting Airbnb references from your friends. It’s not as powerful as a review, but it can definitely help if you are just starting out and have little reviews.

How do Airbnb references work?

Go to Dashboard => Profile => References.

There are two ways you can request Airbnb references: by email and through Facebook. To request a reference by email, simply enter the email addresses of the people you want to reach out to, and press the “send request emails” button.

You can also import your contact list and blast out an email to everyone you know, probably the fastest way to get a lot of them. You don’t need a lot of them though, just a few to show that you’re a real human being.

Airbnb references

If you have connected your Airbnb account to Facebook then you can easily request an Airbnb reference from one of your Facebook friends.

Airbnb reference

Pro-tip: everyone is busy, so to make it really easy for people to leave you a reference you can send them a scripted message that they can just copy paste. This increases the chance that the people you contact will actually leave you the reference.

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