Together with the pictures, your description is the body of your listing. This is where the guest can find out about your space and asses whether it’s a suitable place to stay. There are two important aspects of creating a great description: (1) it has to be as informative as possible and (2) it should be written in a catchy way.

1 Adding sufficient information to your description

The main purpose of your description is to include every piece of information about your property that a guest potentially would want to know. The reason is this. If a potential guest is unsure about a certain aspect of your apartment (for example, the size of the beds, the presence of a bath in the bathroom etc.) (s)he will most likely send you a message for more information as opposed to making an inquiry or booking. This delays the booking process and you run the risk that the guest will book somebody else’s space.

Items to include in the description are:

· The size of the house (square feet)
· Number of bedrooms
· Number of bathrooms
· Any outdoor area (e.g. balconies, patios, porches, etc.)
· Description of rooms
· The floor you are on (e.g. ground level, top floor, etc.)
· Presence of an elevator
· Proximity to public transport
· Proximity to supermarkets
· Parking availability

2 Creating a catchy and inviting description

When you are describing your apartment and its amenities, employ wording that evokes positive emotions. Instead of simply describing furniture and items in a matter-of-fact way, attempt to use colorful words and phrases. See below for examples.

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