The title of your listing is important as it’s one of the first things that users will look at when searching for a place to stay. There is no such thing as a good title, but here are a few things to keep in mind when composing one:

  1. Make use of the space provided

    You have 35 characters to sell your space. Make sure you use all or almost all 35 characters. This is your chance to entice a potential guest to check out your listing.

  3. Don’t add information that’s shown elsewhere
    This is a mistake that is often made. In the search results, the snippet already shows the city and neighborhood. Hence, there is no need to include this in the title. See the picture below for examples.

  5. Add useful information to your title
    The more information you add to your title, the bigger the chance that a user’s interest is spiked and your listing will be viewed. Here’s a good example of an informative title:

    This title contains five pieces of information about this property: (1) it’s big, (2) it’s bright, (3) it has two bedrooms (4) it has two bathrooms and (5) it is near “everything,” which implies it’s nearby things like supermarkets, subway stations, attractions etc.

  7. Highlight your property’s best asset
    If your space has something that’s special our outstanding, mention it in the title. A good example is the listing’s title below, which highlights the fact that it has a great view.

  9. Mention for what type of group your space is most suitable for
    My apartment in Amsterdam is very suitable for couples, since it has two bedrooms on opposite sides of my apartment, separated by outside walls. This makes for great privacy. Therefore I mention this in my title and consequently someone who’s looking for a good space for couples will most likely check out my listing.

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