Responding quickly to inquiries and booking requests is important because

  1. It’s a factor in determining your listings position in the search results
  2. A potential customer is more likely to make an inquiry when your listing demonstrates that you are highly responsive
  3. It shows that you’re a responsible and attentive host who takes his Airbnb business serious

You’re “response time” should be “within a few hours”, like mine:

Aibnb response timeTo fix this, always respond as soon as possible to inquires, booking requests and messages. Here are two tips to help you achieve this:

  1. Go to Dashboard => Account => Notifications. Enable email and SMS notifications. This way you’ll receive an SMS and email when someone contacts you on Airbnb
  2. If you will be off the radar for a while, ask a friend to respond to messages on your behalf. This way you won’t miss any

To be sure that every inquiry and message will be responded to fast, you can use Guesty. It’s like having a personal Airbnb assistant. Guesty will respond to all messages for you within one hour, making sure your response time is always within one hour!

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Next listing check item: Update your calendar frequently