About Jasper Ribbers

Jasper-Ribbers-PhotoJasper Ribbers is a former arbitrage trader who now travels full time while running a collection of online businesses from his laptop. He is an avid host on Airbnb, and has consulted numerous individuals on their property listings. He shares his life with the world through his blog, The Traveling Dutchman. After receiving his master’s degree in econometrics from the University of Groningen, he worked for a trading firm in Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Chicago. When not on the road, Jasper is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

About Huzefa Kapadia

Huzefa-Kapadia-PhotoHuzefa Kapadia is an attorney turned entrepreneur and travel aficionado. He is the owner and founder of Scalar Learning LLC, an education services company that focuses on math tutoring and standardized test preparation. He received his B.S. in computer science and B.A. in economics from the University of Michigan, and earned his J.D. at Northwestern University. Huzefa was a patent litigator for four years, specializing in software and hardware related technologies. He now splits his time between his budding business, his various writing projects, and world travel. He lives in Los Angeles, California.