How to Become an Airbnb Superhost

How to Become an Airbnb Superhost

What is an Airbnb Superhost?

The Airbnb Superhost Program launched in 2009 recognizes the originals – the hosts that made it all happen, that set the bar and raised the standard for hospitality as an Airbnb host. The program showcases the top dogs in the Airbnb community. Now with Superhost updates, efforts to do this are renewed and recognition is growing.

Airbnb Superhost

The Airbnb Superhost program focuses on the core elements of hospitality, elements adapted by all exceptional Airbnb hosts. Just because you’re staying in a home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience hospitality. I’m talking about commitment to quality, guest-host communication, guest satisfaction and the entire experience -leading to the “wow” factor. While hosting comes in all shapes and sizes, these elements are the common denominator in hospitable expectations. These are the elements that time and time again make all the difference.

Be a Superhost

Becoming an Airbnb Superhost is determined by the Airbnb community. The status is earned by excelling in the following areas, measured over a year’s time:

  • Communication: At least 90% response rate to guests
  • Commitment: No cancellations (barring extenuating circumstances)
  • Guest satisfaction: At least 80% of reviews are 5-star
  • Experience: Hosted at least 10 completed trips

What is the Benefit of Becoming a Superhost?

You mean after the awesome feeling of gaining exceptional status? Well perks of course!

  • A Superhost badge on hosts’ listing and profile pages
  • Travel coupons on Airbnb (after a year of Superhost status)
  • Airbnb product previews
  • Priority support from Airbnb (starting on November 1, 2014)

Want to Know Where You’re at?

Hosts’ are tracked using the key hosting metrics in their host dashboard. Hosts can track their progress and know exactly where they are and where they’re heading at all times. This makes being a part of the Superhost Program an attainable goal for every Airbnb host.

Click here to learn even more about the Airbnb Superhost Program

What’s my hosting performance?

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