E​verbooked Releases New Market Report Feature

Everbooked Market Reports

E​verbooked Releases New Market Report Feature

Just a few months ago Everbooked released a tool to enable (potential) Airbnb hosts to compare listings to see how well they are doing or to find the best place to start a new listing. Today, they take it a step further as they release their new market reports service, along with a brand new Everbooked Pro subscription service, aimed at professionals using the Airbnb platform.

They are offering tremendous value with this combination: They’re the first and only company to offer Automatic Pricing + Comps + Market Reports in one product.

Nightly pricing tool

Everbooked started by offering a nightly pricing / automatic tool. Automatic pricing is similar to what other companies in the space like Price Method and Beyond Pricing provide. It’s essentially optimized pricing for your Airbnb listing(s) that you can set on autopilot, and it adjusts your prices up and down based on demand. With Everbooked’s latest algorithm updates, they monitor more data than any other pricing company such as ­ seasonal trends, local competition, even local air traffic data ­­giving them what they say is the most accurate pricing. An Everbooked account also includes access to the comparative properties tool,​that debuted in June.

The comparative properties tool is an innovation on its own that allows you to check comparisons to your specific properties. With it, you can quickly find and review summary information for similar listings near your place. Everbooked’s algorithm scores and ranks listings, gives you average pricing information on your comps and recommends an average, or ‘unadjusted’ price, in Everbooked’s language.

Now Everbooked is bringing us Market Reports

One of the things I find a bit frustrating as an Airbnb host is that data is difficult to get. I would like to be able to figure out what amenities are most popular in my city, what kind of places seem to be doing the best in terms of price and bookings, and, what the seasonality curve looks like.

Much of this Airbnb data is being provided at our fingertips via the Market Reports Everbooked is now including standard with it’s subscriptions. There are many previously difficult or impossible to answer questions that can be answered with this new tool.

Everbooked Market Report

By the way, you can access nightly pricing, comps tool and market reports via E​verbooked’s site​ with o​r​ without a free Everbooked account, which is really great.

I spoke to the CEO, David Ordal, and he told me this: “Not only are we bringing the power of three products in one subscription, but each of these tools has been sharpened on its own. We’ve improved our nightly pricing algorithm: it’s now looking at more data ­­ and on a more local level ­­ than ever before. Our comps tool has been given a similar make­over. These enhancements and now the introduction of market reports, have all been designed for stronger booking and revenue performance for our rapidly growing numbers of Everbooked clients.”

I’ve known the guys at Everbooked now for more than a year. They’re a great team to work with and they’ve shown that they can innovate. Good job guys! Keep ‘em coming.

I wish I could access Everbooked’s tools, unfortunately, their current coverage area is the U.S. So this one is for folks using the Airbnb platform in the U.S. only for now.

If you have a listing in the U.S., why not start your subscription to Everbooked today? It’s easy to start, just click here to sign-up and be sure to use the promo code GPFYP for a free 90 day trial. That will help me out and help you out too. It’s a win­-win!

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