AirGMS Review: Manage Multiple Airbnb Accounts

AirGMS is a vacation rental management tool that allows users to easily manage multiple short term rental listings. In this AirGMS review, you'll learn about the many features and benefits of the software, as well as how it works.

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AirGMS Features


AirGMS is a great tool for hosts managing multiple listings on Airbnb.

All Airbnb properties are listed in the dashboard, making it easy to manage without having to login and logout.  All major operations normally done on the Airbnb website (e.g. guest info, reservations, pricing, availability, etc.) can be managed through the dashboard.   

It also combines all of your inboxes into a single inbox, making it easy to stay up to date on all of your inquiries.  Messages can easily be found using the search function.  To ensure that you never miss a message, pop-ups can be set so all team members receive message notifications.


With AirGMS, you can sync all your calendars via iCal into one dashboard which is a great tool if you manage your listings across multiple 3rd Party platforms.  From here you can manage bookings from VRBO, HomeAway,, and TripAdvisor.

From the calendar dashboard you can quickly get up to date with daily check-ins and check-outs making it easy to organise tasks for each property.  You can also contact guests to send courtesy messages the day before arrival or a thank you after they’ve checked out.


As hosts, we often find ourselves responding to the same questions over and over.  The auto message function is a great way for hosts to be more responsive, especially when managing multiple properties or juggling other life tasks.

The auto message feature organises common responses about check-in/check-out, special requests, arrival instructions, etc. allowing you to convert these into templates.  You can also use predefined template elements like guest name, listing address check in/out date/time to personalise your messages.

Automation can be pre-set to specific dates and times so messages can be sent to guests throughout the entire process, from booking to check-out.


The key benefit of any Airbnb management tool is organisation, not only for yourself but for your team members as well.

It's very simple to give access to team members such as cleaners and service/repairs, so they can coordinate with each other and create daily task lists.  

You can also set varying access levels for all team members and set the actions each user is able to perform e.g. view only, editing for calendar, prices, tasks, etc.


There are many task management features within the software including  work orders, task lists and to-do notes. 

Work orders can be used to create specialised tasks for cleaners and service (repairs) teams.  All work orders can be viewed in the task list which can be detailed by property with existing work orders or by work order status.  Once complete, you will receive a report making it a great way to track progress.

One of my favourite features is To-do notes.  This little tool allows you to pin a yellow sticky note or task to reservations, so it is easily visible and all team members are able to keep up with the status of specific tasks.


Tracking financials is really simple with AirGMS and is a great alternative to Excel and other accounting software.  

The software pulls in your reservations and outlines all details including total amount paid, outgoings and other fees such as cleaning.

The report can be exported to CSV, so it's easy to convert or transfer the data into Excel if needed.

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AirGMS review

Alternative Airbnb management tools

Your Porter App is a solution for managing multiple short term rental listings, but it's not the only solution. There are similar tools on the market. 

Smartbnb: Automated messaging, reviews and task management for Airbnb hosts

AirGMS: One of the first vacation rental management services that came on the market

Fantastic Stay: Full service online short term rental management with 24/7 guest communication support


Overall, AirGMS is a very good software for professional hosts.  The single dashboards user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage not only your Airbnb listings but those managed on other 3rd party sites, so you can provide guests with great service throughout the entire process.

AirGMS Review
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