NoiseAware Review: Safeguard Your Airbnb Against Noise Complaints




Ease of Use


Noiseaware review


  • Great tool for security
  • Subtle and easy to install
  • 24/7 property monitoring


  • Expensive if you're a "hosted" host


Overall NoiseAware is a great product for hosts concerned with potential noise complaints from neighbours.  Short-term rental hosts can easily monitor levels at all of their properties and also contact guests to notify of the high noise levels so they can be managed before a complaint is made, giving you peace of mind and potentially saving you a lot of money. 

The $99 initial investment and $99 yearly subscribtion fee seems worth it to me. If you're using the device for five years, the cost per month comes down to less than $10 per month, or $0.33 per day. I'd pay that just for the peace of mind, let alone the potential damages and problems that you can prevent. 

We've all heard those nightmare stories about short-term rental guests using properties to host wild parties, unbeknownst to the property owner. This is a major concern for Airbnb hosts and can lead to significant damages. NoiseAware helps to prevent this. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, listen to Alice's story. Her guests threw a frat party at her private mountain resort in Tennessee completely trashing it and she sufferend substantial damage as a result. In addition, a number of her cherished personal items went missing. You can imagine the stress that this caused when she found out. 

Or meet Brian, an Airbnb Superhost and writer for the New York Times. His lucrative cabin in Northern California was used as the location for a wedding, unbeknownst to him. 

As an Airbnb host, you want to avoid these horrible experiences at all cost. However, if you are not sharing your home with your guests, how do you keep an eye on them to make sure they don't break your house rules? 

The answer is NoiseAware, a noise monitoring tool that allows short-term rental hosts to be aware of noise levels at their properties, so they can take preventative action and avoid the damages, noise complaints from neighbors and police involvement. 

What is NoiseAware? 

NoiseAware is a noise sensor that you can install in your home. It constantly monitors the noise level in your property and it alerts you when a certain noise level is breached. How? It simply connects to your WiFi and sends noise data straigth to your dashboard. 

The device is very easy to install, it only takes five minutes. Once the device is connected to your WiFi, NoiseAware uses algorithms and machine learning to determine a real-time Noise Risk Score. 

On the dashboard, you can set different parameters for each of your properties, such as the noise violation threshold, the property's quiet hours and alert settings to make sure you are automatically notified when a violation does occur. 

When you get an alert, it's best to notify your guests immediatetly. Most of the time the guests just aren't aware that they are causing a lot of noise. A simpy friendly message informing your guests of the violation will do in most cases. Over 80% of noise violations are resolved within 15 minutes and cause no harm. 

What's inside NoiseAware






NoiseAware Features


You want to install your NoiseAware sensor in the areas of your home where guests are most likely to congregate and cause noise complaints. NoiseAware can help you determine the best place to position the device. Typical locations are the kitchen, the living room, the game room, the outdoor areas and the pool or hottub is you have one.  

Once you have installed the sensor(s), you simply create an account on your dashboard and activate your subscription. This process takes no more than five minutes.  


For hosts managing multiple properties, it is easy to monitor the noise levels of all your properties in one simple to use dashboard. If you have multiple devices per property, a multi-color graph clearly shows the noise levels in all areas. 


You can customise the settings in NoiseAware so you can monitor activity at anytime of day, which means more time to focus on other hosting/property management tasks.  Hosts can also access their properties' historical noise level data through the dashboard at anytime, anywhere.


NoiseAware sensers are priced at $99 per sensor. It's 2.4 GHz WiFi enabled and comes with a comprehensive warranty for the duration of the monitoring subscribtion. The subscription costs $99 per property per year and includes noise data collection, permanent cloud storage and unlimited user accounts. 

NoiseAware Review
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