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PriceLabs Review

PriceLabs stands apart from other pricing tools with its predictable pricing plans, portfolio insights and market data.

It also features wide global reach, and the ability to connect either directly to your Airbnb and Vrbo accounts or to more than 90 PMSs and channel managers.

Check out PriceLabs’ pricing plans or visit their homepage.

Pricelabs Airbnb Pricing Tool
Pricelabs pricing tool review
Pricelabs Hotel Data

Optimize your prices with PriceLabs in 5 simple steps…

Pricelabs PMS integrations

Step 1: Connect to your PMS and OTAs

PriceLabs lets you connect your properties to Airbnb, VRBO, or any of the 90+ PMSs PriceLabs integrates with.

This means that as a PriceLabs user, you're not restricted to a certain Property Management Software, and you won't have to switch to a new one.

Step 2: Set your base price

Once you’ve added your listings, PriceLabs works with you to set an appropriate base price.

You can either set your own base price based on your prior experience or use PriceLabs’ recommendations based on the market, your neighborhood, property type, and bedroom count.

Pricelabs Airbnb Pricing Tool
Pricelabs pricing tool review

Step 3: Get your price recommendations

PriceLabs analyzes your listings and recommends daily rates based on your base price, season, day of the week, holidays, events and lead time adjustments.

It also gives you a complete breakdown of why a certain price has been recommended.

Step 4: Set your automation preferences

PriceLabs then allows you to control the algorithm to adapt to your pricing strategy and knowledge of the market, considering your minimum and maximum prices, length of stay rules, last-minute discounts or adjustments, orphan or gap days, day of week rules, and occupancy.
Pricelabs pricing tool for property managers
Pricelabs Review

Step 5: Sync your optimal prices

PriceLabs then directly pushes your updated, optimized rates to your PMS/Airbnb/VRBO calendar.

This sync happens daily, but you can request for more than one sync a day as per your requirement.

These daily price updates will also help you rank better in the search results.

My favorite PriceLabs features

PriceLabs Portfolio Analytics

This is one of the coolest parts of PriceLabs. Its Portfolio Analytics tool is free for all Dynamic Pricing users and offers real-time reporting showing key vacation rental KPIs and listing-level performance data.
Pricelabs portfolio analytics
Pricelabs pacing reports

Pricelabs Pacing Reports

Pacing reports allow you to look at your listed rates and occupancy for future dates and easily identify where your prices stand against the market and how your occupancy relates to the market!

It shows more “current state” compared to what happened at the same time last year.

PriceLabs Review
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