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Summary: Rankbreeze is a great tool that allows hosts to monitor their Airbnb search rankings and visibility to help you maintain and/or improve your occupancy rates.

To help you understand how search rankings can increase the number of bookings you receive, I put together this review that walks you through all of Rankbreeze's features. Enjoy !

Starting at $12/month

For short stay rental hosts, the main measure of success is the number of bookings received. The main goal is to get as many bookings as possible at the highest frequency possible. If your listings don't perform well within Airbnb search rankings, then prospective guests won't be able to find your listing which means no bookings and no revenue.

Rankbreeze has a multiple rank tracker, which means you can easily see how your listing is performing against other listings in your city and also by open calendar dates.

Top-level city rankings

Within the tool, you can quickly view how your listing is performing in comparison to the other listings in your city. It also allows you to view by guest count and enabling you to view the numbers that are most relevant to you. Each line below (red and blue) illustrates your ranking by guest count, in this example 1 guest and 2 guests. With smart optimisations, you should see the lines sync up over time and steadily go upwards indicating higher rankings like the example below.

Rankbreeze city ranking

Available dates rankings

The available dates ranking tool goes into your Airbnb calendar and looks at the 6 upcoming available dates and provides you with your search visibility by guest count. You can also click on each date to see more details on your top 10 competitors ranking, giving you additional insight into which listings are performing well in your area.

Rankbreeze available dates ranking

How is your ranking affected?

There are many factors that contribute to your ranking. In fact, Airbnb's algorithm looks at nearly 100 different factors for every listing in every search. Even though the exact list of features/algorithm is confidential, the elements can be broken into three distinct categories: Guest needs, Listing details, and Trip details. So what actions can you take to improve these key areas?

Think like a guest

The first impression all guests have of your property is the search listing, which is comprised of a photo, title and price.

Main photo: This should be high resolution and depict a space that is bright, clean, tidy, spacious and reflect your personal style. Put your best foot forward and ensure that it is true to your property to avoid guest disappointment.

Headline: Spark interest and highlight the main appeal of your listing (close to central area, transport links, etc.) and include an accurate descriptor e.g. cozy, cute, quirky, spacious, etc.

Price: Ensure your pricing is fair for the offering, in line with your market prices and based on competitor trends, seasons, and special events.

Getting these right will increase your CTR (click through rate) which will in turn help to improve your search ranking.

Rankbreeze's optimization journal helps you keep track of your changes, and whether those changes have a positive or negative impact on your search visibility.

Here you can take note of an action that you've made and save it. For example, you can try tweaking your property description or updating the main photo. It will be time stamped on the chart so you can see how it's performing and whether that action is improving your CTR.

With Rankbreeze, you can take the guess work out of optimizations  and make actionable data driven decisions to improve your Airbnb search visibility. 

Rankbreeze optimization journal

Overall, Rankbreeze is a great tool for any host that is serious about improving their Airbnb search ranking and in turn increasing the number of bookings received and occupancy rates.