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Boostly Review : High-Converting Direct Booking Websites

Helping short-term rental owners get more direct bookings, better guests and more time back, with their very own vacation rental website.


Boostly helps you create a high-converting direct booking website, which is important to have if you’re building a real Airbnb business. 

Why? Because you don’t want to depend on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO to get your units booked.

Check out our Boostly review for more details or sign-up now to start building your own direct booking website. 

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Summary:  If you're looking for user-friendly websites made specifically for short term rental hosts, then this Boostly review should make you happy. The team at Boostly helps you create amazing websites and they make it super simple. You can even choose to have the team run everything for you. If the website doesn't increase your revenue, you'll get your money back!

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Building your short term rental brand is important if you want to scale and increase your bookings.

I see a lot of hosts overlooking websites for their business when they are trying to grow. It makes sense, it can get complicated when you're new to tools like WordPress.

When I wanted to break away from sites like Airbnb and increase my direct bookings, I had to figure out how to create my website on my own. While I often recommend setting up your own site for small hosts, there's a big learning curve, and creating your own website can take a lot of time.  

That's where Boostly comes in.

You'll get your own direct booking website, and guidance on how to make it effective. This will save you a huge amount of time and money if you're looking to get an amazing site up quickly.

I wrote this Boostly review to help you decide if it's the right option for you, and help you get everything going once you start!

Why should you have your own Boostly website?

There are over 6 million listings on Airbnb alone, so you know how many options your guests have for their next stay. Therefore, it's important to make sure you stand out.

Having a unique experience is one part of standing out from other listings on sites like Airbnb or Vrbo, but you still need to get people to your virtual front door so they can actually book with you!

Many customers book through 3rd party sites, like Airbnb for instance, because it’s easier for them.  The same is true for many vacation rental hosts, they use Airbnb because it's so simple.

All you have to do is make it easier for guests to book with you, and then they will! Following through with the process of creating a website, like setting up a professionally designed one with Boostly, can help you:

Run an independent business

Don’t be at the mercy of short term rental platforms – they can all raise commission fees, and as we have seen in 2020, they can shut or prevent you from receiving bookings. They reserve the right to close your account without explanation.

Increase direct bookings

Online users are pretty savvy these days. If they see your brand on a vacation rental platform, there’s a good chance they will google the name to find a better price. If they find your website, and you’re cheaper (because you avoid the hefty platform fees), they’re likely to book direct with you. In addition, former guests are more likely to spread the word.


When you meet people interested in staying at your place, it’s much easier to refer them to your website than a platform listing. Your website is like a business card you can share with your network.

Build credibility

Of course, it’s possible (and important) to build a strong reputation on different platforms. However, people expect that professional businesses have their own websites. You can also show off your pad in a different way, as you want to rather than in the format of the platform.

Use code PAD for 5% off today!

Why hire a company like Boostly?

As you guys know, I'm big into learning new things and taking action.

When I realized I needed a direct booking website, I figured out how to get it up on my own and have made many adjustments since then. I didn't know how to code, so I started out using WordPress. It's a simple content management system that is widely recognized and favored by Google, so it's a great choice.

Unfortunately Boostly wasn't around when I created my website, but now I believe it's the way to go for many short term rental hosts. I spent a ton of time learning not only about WordPress but how to optimize everything for my customers. These days it's not enough to just put up a website, you have to optimize it so you can get on the first page.

The team works with you to build your direct booking website, and they don't stop once they are done. You won't have to spend frustrating hours learning about implementing functionalities such as a direct booking system, payment portals, and reviews because Boostly helps you out. Over 1,000 short term rental businesses have gone with Boostly and seen their revenue skyrocket!

Sorted Stay


We brought in £40,000 of new direct bookings during lockdown when Airbnb & Booking.com shut down our income (Sorted Stay, UK)

The team guides you through each process step by step, so you get the most of your investment and increase your direct bookings for years to come. They’re so confident in this, they provide a guarantee – full return on your investment in 12 months in direct bookings through your website or 100% of your money back.

Boostly is a no-brainer when it comes to picking a designer for your Airbnb or short term rental business.

Boostly Review Example Site

Boostly designs stunning websites customized for short term rentals.

Getting started with Boostly

The entire design process is really easy. I don't even need to write a tutorial for this post because the team covers everything in depth for you! However, if you are new to WordPress, this will help get you acquainted with the system.

Once you’ve signed up with Boostly, you have access to your WordPress website dashboard where you'll be able to update your site. You will get a walk through of how to update webpages, post blogs, and use the direct booking plugin.

Wordpress dashboard screenshot

How to use the direct booking plugin on your Boostly site

Direct booking means fewer fees, which means you can charge less and get more guests.

To get started you'll want to select your first listing for your website. You can simply copy the content from your Airbnb or listing on another vacation rental platform.

I recommend you initially copy the content from the listing (like rates and descriptions) because it will help you get your website up and running immediately.

You'll have time to update your listings as you build out your website, but getting a few listings up at first will show you how easy the process can be with the help of Boostly.

Click plugin on top left

Adding a property consists of:

  1. Filling out listing details such as title, description, and amenities
  2. Uploading photos and videos (from media files)
  3. Selecting duration and number of guests
  4. Adding rates

The built-in booking engine allows guests to place an instant reservation, and this can be easily integrated with 3rd party websites to ensure potential guests have a smooth search experience and decide to book.

The WordPress plugin here links to the booking engine, so you can do it all within the WordPress dashboard.

Congrats! Your property is added and you can now take direct bookings!

Use code PAD for 5% off today!

How to add and update webpages with Boostly

Keeping your website and blog up to date makes search engines happy, and gives guests a good sense of your company.

First, you'll want to add a new page by selecting the All Pages tab on the left of your WordPress dashboard and then Edit with Elementor.

Add Page in left bar

After you're on this page, you can do a few different things by selecting the template blocks – you can add star ratings, reviews, Google Maps, and more!

Boostly Review Elementor

When you sign up with Boostly you'll get a template made for you, so all you have to do is enter your own content in. It doesn't get much easier. When you want to add new content though or change it up, you have a ton of options with Elementor.

  • Add a gallery of your best pictures of each room
  • Build trust by adding screenshots of stellar reviews
  • Edit and add text content
  • Embed YouTube walkthroughs of your neighborhood or space

Use code PAD for 5% off today!

How to post a blog with Boostly

Blogs are a fantastic marketing tool for hospitality businesses. You can develop and maintain a personal bond with previous and potential guests, and show your expertise about your accommodation and the area you’re in.

Posts section on left bar

To add a new blog post click on the Posts tab and it's as simple as that. The Boostly team will walk you through optimizing your blog posts and pages so you can make sure your effort pays off.

Add photos, videos and at the end, a call to action and a link to book their stay!

Writing a blog doesn't have to be hard, you just have to be consistent.

For example, you can write about:

  • Local events! Google’s local algorithm loves blogs about specific areas and you will show up on local searches for the area.
  • Stories about the history of your property or an account of your daily activities.
  • Have staff members share their thoughts, blog about guest reviews, and answer queries.
  • Put up recipes from the meals you serve or reviews for a local restaurant.

Create a beautiful website in under 30 minutes

Changing the appearance of your WordPress site can be overwhelming because there are so many options.  The cool thing about working with Boostly is that they'll take care of all of this for you.

Experimenting with different designs is a lot of fun, and for that you'll go to the Appearance tab and select a theme. After you make the changes you want, select the Live Preview button to see the changes you make without doing anything permanent.

Click appearance on left of WP dash

Once on this screen, you can select a template and change the design according to your brand.

Next, you can select custom fonts and colors for your brand. You can see a preview of your site – when you hit publish, your site will be updated instantly!

Now the final step: design and check the front page of your website. To do this you'll click the Visit Site button on the top left of your WordPress dashboard.

Visit Top in top left corner

Hit publish when you’re happy your information is correct and you’ve got all the pages set up – and now you’re the proud owner of your own, fully functional direct booking Boostly website!

You're not alone in the process, you can also ask the guys at Boostly to give you feedback and make improvements – they are happy to help for as long as you need them.

Or shoot me an email at jasper@getpaidforyourpaid.com and I’ll take a look myself!

Special Deal for GPFYP Readers

If you've made it this far, you've realized how cool a Boostly website really is. Head over to Boostly today and they'll give you 5% off when you use code PAD.

Click the link here to get started today!

The prices are already pretty low, so it's a great deal for a fully customized website!

Done With You

We'll guide you through the process of creating a stunning website.

£399.99 + £12.99 / mo admin fee

  • Ready to go site – just add your content
  • Link your site to any PMS/channel manager
  • Boostly 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Full support and guidance from experts

Use code PAD for 5% off today!

Done For You

Let the Boostly team take care of the entire process for you. Simply provide us with the content and sit back!

£999.99 + £12.99 / mo admin fee

  • Content added and updated for you
  • Expertly designed website
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Boostly 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Full support and guidance from experts

Use code PAD for 5% off today!

Multiple Property

Ideal for serviced accommodation. 

£1499.99 + £12.99 / mo admin fee

  • Bespoke map built-in
  • Expertly designed website
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Boostly 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Full support and guidance from experts

Use code PAD for 5% off today!

Boostly Review Conclusion

If you've been putting off making a website because it's too difficult, that's about to change.

Sites like Booking.com, Vrbo or Airbnb, charge high commission fees and you're limited to the rules of their platform. Creating your own website helps you gain back control over your business and the booking experience. An optimized website makes your listings searchable on the entire internet instead of a single platform, which leads to more eyes on your listings!

I'm super happy I found Boostly. I recommend it to any host looking for a way to transition to direct bookings and build a reputable short term rental brand. It's not easy building a website, especially when you have a business to run.

If you buy a website package from Boostly, they'll also provide the tools, tactics, and training for actionable, immediate marketing results. All of this is free on their podcast and Facebook page and you can join the Boostly Academy for more depth learning!

Use code PAD for 5% off today!

Ready to schedule your free Boostly call?

When you work with the Boostly support team, they take care of you from start to finish – you have contact with their team the entire time to create your perfect direct booking website. If you enjoyed this Boostly Review and want to learn more, jump on a call and get your website up and running!

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