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Hostfully Review: Award Winning PMS

Hostfully is a property management software for Airbnb hosts, short-term rental hosts and vacation rental managers. 

It streamlines various aspects of property management, including reservations, guest communication, bookings, and operational tasks.

Hostfully Review
Hostfully Reviews
Hostfully PMS review

Hostfully features & functionality 

Hostfully is a property management software (PMS) platform designed to assist vacation rental managers and hosts in efficiently managing their properties. It provides a range of tools and features to streamline various aspects of property management, including reservations, guest communication, bookings, and task automation.

Some key features typically offered by Hostfully include:

  • Property and Listing Management: Hostfully allows users to create and manage property listings, including descriptions, amenities, rates, availability, and multimedia content. This helps hosts maintain accurate and up-to-date property information across various booking channels.

  • Channel Management: The software integrates with popular vacation rental platforms and channels, such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and Booking.com, enabling hosts to manage bookings and availability from a centralized dashboard.

  • Reservation Management: Hostfully facilitates the management of reservations, including online booking requests, calendar synchronization, automated availability updates, and payment processing.

  • Guest Communication: The software offers tools to communicate with guests throughout their stay, including automated messaging, pre- and post-stay emails, and guest information sharing.

  • Task Automation: Hostfully automates various repetitive tasks, such as sending check-in instructions, generating guest agreements, and handling security deposit refunds. This helps streamline operations and saves time for property managers.

  • Reporting and Analytics: Hostfully provides reporting and analytics features to track key performance metrics, such as occupancy rates, revenue, and guest feedback. These insights can assist hosts in making data-driven decisions and improving their rental business.


Industry awards that Hostfully has won

 Hostfully has won A LOT of awards in the short-term rental industry, which is quite remarkable:

2019 Keystone Awards: The Keystone Awards recognized the company as a leader in the vacation rental management technology space. After extensive research, customer interviews, and meticulous vetting, they were acknowledged for providing vacation rental managers with intuitive, powerful, and reliable tools to run their businesses.

2020 Gartner’s Softwareadvice.com: The company received accolades from Gartner's Softwareadvice.com award. This recognition was based on vetted customer reviews and placed them among the top-tier providers in the industry. Only three other software providers achieved this highest level of customer rating.

GetApp 2021: The company was featured on GetApp's list of the best vacation rental management software solutions. This distinction was based on positive customer reviews and the comprehensive features offered by the company's software.

2021 Keystone Awards: Building on their previous success, the company won consecutive Keystone Awards (note: there was no Keystone Award run in 2020). This feat is a testament to their exceptional performance and places them among a select few companies that have achieved back-to-back wins.

2022 Shortyz Award Best PMS: The company triumphed at the 2022 Shortyz Awards by winning the Best PMS category. Their feature-rich software and growing popularity among operators earned them this prestigious industry recognition.

    Hostfully award winning property management software

    Hostfully is a preferred partner with Airbnb, VRBO and Booking.com


    Hostfully distinguishes itself as the sole PMP/PMS provider in North America to hold the esteemed preferred connectivity partner status with Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com.

    This highly sought-after recognition is obtained through a thorough evaluation of the PMP/PMS's back-end connectivity by the engineering teams of these platforms, as well as an assessment of the features provided.

    This accolade delivers significant advantages to Hostfully's customers on two fronts. Firstly, it ensures a secure and stable connection, minimizing potential glitches and double-bookings.

    Secondly, it grants Hostfully privileged access to the support teams of these platforms, facilitating swift resolution of any connectivity issues that may impact customers' listings.

    Hostfully preferred partner airbnb vrbo booking

    Hostfully Review: Integrations

    Hostfully integrates with a variety of tools to enhance its property management software capabilities. Some of the common integrations offered by Hostfully include:


    • Channel Integrations: Hostfully seamlessly integrates with major vacation rental platforms and channels such as Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, and others. This allows hosts to manage their listings, synchronize availability calendars, and handle bookings from a centralized dashboard.


    • Payment Gateways: Hostfully integrates with popular payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, and PayPal. This enables hosts to securely process payments from guests, handle refunds, and manage financial transactions directly within the software.


    • Messaging and Communication Platforms: Hostfully integrates with messaging and communication platforms such as Twilio and Nexmo. This enables hosts to automate guest communication, send SMS alerts, and facilitate seamless messaging between hosts and guests.


    • Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management: Hostfully integrates with dynamic pricing and revenue management tools like PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing. This allows hosts to optimize their pricing strategies based on market demand, maximize revenue, and automate pricing adjustments.


    • Keyless Entry Systems: Hostfully integrates with keyless entry systems like August, RemoteLock, and Igloohome. This enables hosts to provide secure and keyless access to guests, simplifying the check-in process and enhancing security.


    • Property Maintenance and Task Management: Hostfully integrates with property maintenance and task management tools such as Properly and Breezeway. This allows hosts to streamline property inspections, maintenance requests, and task management to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.
    Hostfully integrations review

    Hostfully Review: Pricing

    Hostfully uses a 3-tier pricing structure for up to 20 listings, starting at $109 a month. Above that, the price increases by between $12 and $6 per month per property.

    This means that the more properties you connect, the cheaper the price per property will be. They also charge a $600 onboarding fee for any new users.

    Hostfully starter pricing
    Hostfully Pro and Pro plus pricing
    Hostfully Premium pricing

    Hostfully Review: Conclusion

    Hostfully certainly is one of the best and most robust property management software that's currently available in the market. It's not the cheapest option, but for professional hosts who manage multiple Airbnbs, it's worth the investment.

    The strongest points are the wide range of integrations, unique functionalities like the booking pipeline, and a solid customer support team.

    Hostfully Review
    • Integrations
    • Features
    • Pricing
    • User Interface
    • Customer Support