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PriceLabs Market Dashboards

Fully automated dashboards that can help you track short-term rental booking data anywhere in the world presented through visual graphs and crisp, actionable insights.

Pricelabs Airbnb Pricing Tool
Pricelabs pricing tool review
Pricelabs Hotel Data

PriceLabs Market Dashboards Overview

The primary struggles for short-term rental owners and managers often involve assessing their market position, making effective pricing choices, and identifying promising properties or markets for investment. PriceLabs' Market Dashboards alleviate these pain points by delivering accessible data from Airbnb and VRBO listings worldwide. These dashboards use simple, visually appealing charts to present information, making it easy for anyone to understand. This tool allows you to compare your performance against the broader market, make smarter pricing decisions, and evaluate potential investment opportunities with ease.

Users who sign up for the PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing tool get free access to 1 Market Dashboard, allowing you to try it out and gain a deeper understanding of your market.

Post 30-day trial, Market Dashboards price starts from $9.99 per dashboard per month. 

PriceLabs’ Market Dashboards provide automated reporting tools for market insights and analysis.

These handy reports can help you spot anomalies in the market, analyze what other Short-term rentals are doing, or simply benchmark your performance against the market. 


Key Performance Indicators

Your Market Dashboard will first display your specified area’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs provide a quick overview of market trends in your dashboard's area. They cover the past 7, 30, or 365 days, compared to the previous period of the same length. These KPIs help you identify seasonal changes in guests' booking behavior. Here are the eight KPIs without going into detail, as exploring them firsthand is the best way to learn:

  1. Estimated Revenue
  2. Average RevPAR
  3. Average Occupancy
  4. Average ADR 
  5. Number of Active Listings 
  6. Number of Bookings
  7. Median Booking Window 
  8. Median Length of Stay

Pricelab market dashboards KPI's

Listing Map and Comp Sets

Next, on your dashboard,  you'll see a map displaying the approximate locations of active listings in your selected area. By hovering over each dot on the map, you can discover the number of bedrooms in that listing and its average rate for the upcoming year. The dot's size represents the number of bedrooms, while the dot's color indicates the listing's average rate.

pricelabs dashboards listing maps and comp sets map

price labs market dashboards listing and comp sets

The Market Summary Section

This section lets you quickly view the number of active listings in your specified area. It provides valuable information on the median pricing, length of stay, and booking window observed over the past year for the entire listings and each bedroom category. This comprehensive overview helps understand the market dynamics and make informed decisions based on the data.pricelebas market dashboards The Market Summary Section

Supply and Demand + Market history charts

These charts show the total active listings (supply) and the average number of new bookings (demand) each listing has seen in the week ending on the indicated date.

The Market History charts provide information on the average earnings, occupancy rate, booking timeframe, and duration of stays for listings that were booked during a specific month. These trends can be observed as monthly averages for the overall market or categorized by the number of bedrooms.

Price and Occupancy Trends for “Key Future Dates”

This helpful section provides critical insights about occupancy percentages on specific dates. These insights can be used to spot emerging high-demand periods and to adjust pricing and stay requirements accordingly. You can also see how each of these dates appears on the ‘Future Occupancy Chart’ below this to compare how bookings are being made on surrounding dates. 

Price and Occupancy Trends for “Key Future Dates”

Future Occupancy, Bookings, and Cancellations graphs

This graph gives you an idea of which dates are still busy and which are low-demand dates to consider how to price your property.

 Future Occupancy, Bookings, and Cancellations graphs

Future Prices graph

This graph details how property managers are pricing their properties for future dates. Between this and the graph above, you can start thinking about your property’s revenue management strategy.pricelabs market dashboards future pricing

Day of the Week Occupancy and Price Factor Charts

This chart shows the average occupancy and base prices for each day of the week seen over the past 30 days for listings in your selected area.

Price labs market dashboard day of week occupancy

Length Of Stay vs. Booking Window charts

The first graph shows the typical duration of bookings made for any given date made in the past number of days selected, while the following charts compare the booking window to the length of stay for booked nights.

Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 12.34.52 (1)price labs market dashboards length stay window

The Amenities Section

This section has two charts detailing desired features in a listing by comparing the percentage of listings with an amenity to the percentage of bookings with the amenity. The Common Amenities chart orders the amenities by the percentage of listings that have them, while the Desired Amenities chart orders the amenities by those with the most significant difference between the percentage of listings with that amenity and bookings.

If there is a specific amenity you are trying to find details on, you can use the search bar to see how many listings in your area have that amenity. Note that this searches only the 50 most common amenities in your market. If a particular amenity is in high demand right now, you should ideally add it to your listing page.

Policies and Fees

Similar to the amenities charts, the Weekly Discounts and Monthly Discounts charts show the percentage of bookings made in the past 30 days compared to the percentage of listings that have a fee in that range.

Pricelabs market dashboards policies and fees

The percentage of listings and bookings made are shown in the same way here with the charts for Cleaning Fees and Cancellation Policies.

Pricelabs market dashboard cleaning and cancellation fees And on the Extra Person Fees chart.

pricelabs market dashboard max guest fee

Finally, export reports as a PDF

Want to have all this data printable or emailable? You need to filter listings with your desired bedroom count and click on “Generate PDF” and you’ll be able to download your custom report when the PDF is ready.

Pricelabs market dashboard PDF


As mentioned in the overview at the beginning of my review, you can try a Market Dashboard for free if you’re a

new Dynamic Pricing user. Otherwise, a Market Dashboard costs $9.99 per month.

In a nutshell, PriceLabs Market Dashboards is your trusty sidekick in the rental world. They make data cool, pricing easy, and your rentals a breeze. Dive in and level up!

If you're up for:

  • Checking out short-term rental info from all over the globe
  • Seeing how you stack up against the competition and making smart moves
  • Scoping out markets or properties for potential investments

Well, PriceLabs' Market Dashboards are your go-to tool. It's a steal at just $9.99 for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to dig into the good stuff.

PriceLabs Market Dashboards
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