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Rankbreeze Review: Optimize Your Airbnb Rankings & Search Visibility

Rankbreeze helps Airbnb hosts optimize their Airbnb rankings and visibility. With Rankbreeze hosts can track their position in the Airbnb search results. The tool helps you determine whether the changes you make are helping or hurting your listing´s search performance. In short, Rankbreeze is the Airbnb SEO tool that you can use to improve the Airbnb ranking and get more bookings as a result. I tried it out and wrote this review.



Understanding that search optimization is important for hosts, Rankbreeze provides ranking data from multiple viewpoints and gives hosts the ability to test different ranking strategies for their true effectiveness. 

Not only can you use this toolkit for your own listings, you can also gain insight on competitors and gather intel on properties you're going to co-host. 

Sign-up for Rankbreeze or check out our Rankbreeze review below.


  • Multiple types of rankings for complete search visibility
  • Ability to A/B test my ranking strategies
  • Verifying supply for upcoming dates
  • Ability to see other listings rankings, metrics, and supply (Including competitors & co-host opportunities)


  • The optimization journal is manual
  • No FAQ’s right now, but support is responsive and helpful

When you start to take your Airbnb business more seriously, it's frustrating that there's no way to manually see how your listing is performing in terms of SEO and ranking. How do you know what to improve?

It's impossible to optimize effectively if you don't know whether your changes have a positive, negative or neutral effect on your listing. You could be wasting a ton of time! That's what makes this tool interesting. You can use it to get data and reporting back to always stay on top of your listing, where it's ranking, and what you can do immediately to improve that.

Rankbreeze has a multiple rank tracker, which means you can easily see how your listing is performing against other listings in your city and also by open calendar dates. This gives hosts a real unfair advantage in a very competitive market.

I wanted to try it to see if it could really affect my search rankings.

The day I learned that SEO isn't only for websites

As you know, I'm a blogger.

A lot of my pages are on the first page of Google, and it's not by accident. It's cause I track data on Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and from other sources and I keep tweaking to see how I can improve your experience and help you find my website easier.

Anybody who is on the first page of Google is doing the same thing. Nobody would even imagine not using tools for ranking.

But for some reason, we aren't doing the same thing on Airbnb. I was wingin' it and hoping that I'd land on the front page by luck, among the other million hosts that are trying to do the same thing.

But would Rankbreeze provide me with the right data to make a real impact on my listing? I needed to find out.

The data points provided by Rankbreeze

SEO is pretty slow, so it takes about 4 months of data to be able to truly understand your listing and make changes that have an impact. At the time of writing, I've been using  Rankbreeze for 7 months.

My ranking for this particular listing has moved from page 9 to page 2, which is pretty cool and otherwise would've been hard to track. It shows me:

  • Guest satisfaction – The rating Airbnb gives your listing (not the same as from guest reviews). I wasn't yet totally convinced by this because you can also find this out through the Airbnb code.
  • Views per week – How many people view your listing per week. This is useful data I can't find elsewhere.
  • Reviews count – How many reviews you have

Okay, yadda yadda, let's get to the good stuff! Here's where it got interesting:

I noticed that my listing performed much better when people were searching for 4 guests instead of 2. So that's something I used to help me boost my rankings which made a night and day difference.

The answer to my last question is yes, without Rankbreeze, I wouldn't be able to optimize my listings as well and stay on the first pages of Airbnb.

Top-level city rankings

Within the tool, you can quickly view how your listing is performing in comparison to the other listings in your city. It also allows you to view by guest count and enabling you to view the numbers that are most relevant to you. E

ach line below (red and blue) illustrates your ranking by guest count, in this example 1 guest and 2 guests. With smart optimisations, you should see the lines sync up over time and steadily go upwards indicating higher rankings like the example below.

Rankbreeze city ranking

Available dates rankings

The available dates ranking tool goes into your Airbnb calendar and looks at the 6 upcoming available dates and provides you with your search visibility by guest count. You can also click on each date to see more details on your top 10 competitors ranking, giving you additional insight into which listings are performing well in your area.

Rankbreeze available dates ranking

Track your optimizations and learn

With the optimization journal, you can see exactly what you've done and how it affected your rankings.

You should just make one optimization at a time so you can see how it affects your listing.

For instance, if you change your title to make it more clickable or SEO friendly, just do that (don't ALSO change something else at the same time). That'll make it easier to attribute the performance to that specific change and let you deeply optimize and take advantage of this software.

So with the journal you can note every change you make and it will track exactly how that change affects your ranking, so you can stay on top of everyone else. It's really cool.

How is your ranking affected?

There are many factors that contribute to your ranking. In fact, Airbnb's algorithm looks at nearly 100 different factors for every listing in every search. Even though the exact list of features/algorithm is confidential, the elements can be broken into three distinct categories: Guest needs, Listing details, and Trip details. So what actions can you take to improve these key areas?

Optimization add-ons

Rankbreeze has an interesting model behind it. Not only do they provide this software, but for those looking to utilize their expertise, they also provide add-on services. I can’t really think of anyone more suited for this stuff either.Currently, they’re offering a package that comes with an optimized listing description (applying their own methodology) plus promotions campaign. Which goes beyond what I’ve seen others try and props to them for measuring their work as well. In fact, Airbnb's algorithm looks at nearly 100 different factors for every listing.

Think like a guest

The first impression all guests have of your property is the search listing, which is comprised of a photo, title and price.

Main photo: This should be high resolution and depict a space that is bright, clean, tidy, spacious and reflect your personal style. Put your best foot forward and ensure that it is true to your property to avoid guest disappointment. Read this study for more tips. It looks at 500,000 Airbnb photos for a year and half to see what features of a photo are most correlated with profitable listings.

Headline: Spark interest and highlight the main appeal of your listing (close to central area, transport links, etc.) and include an accurate descriptor e.g. cozy, cute, quirky, spacious, etc.

Price: Ensure your pricing is fair for the offering, in line with your market prices and based on competitor trends, seasons, and special events.

Getting these right will increase your CTR (click through rate) which will in turn help to improve your search ranking.

Start Optimizing Now

Rankbreeze‘s optimization journal helps you keep track of your changes, and whether those changes have a positive or negative impact on your search visibility.

Here you can take note of an action that you've made and save it. For example, you can try tweaking your property description or updating the main photo. It will be time stamped on the chart so you can see how it's performing and whether that action is improving your CTR.

With Rankbreeze, you can take the guess work out of optimizations  and make actionable data driven decisions to improve your Airbnb search visibility.

Rankbreeze optimization journal

Overall, Rankbreeze is a great tool for any host that is serious about improving their Airbnb search ranking and in turn increasing the number of bookings received and occupancy rates.

I like:

*Multiple types of rankings for complete search visibility*Ability to A/B test my ranking strategies*Verifying supply for upcoming dates*Ability to see other listings rankings, metrics, and supply (Including competitors & co-host opportunities)

I Don’t Like:*The optimization journal is manual*No FAQ’s right now, but support is responsive and helpful

Rankbreeze Walkthrough Video from RemoteScale on Vimeo.

Is Rankbreeze legit?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Rankbreeze is a recognized tool used for Airbnb property management. It offers features like competitor tracking, market data, and rank tracking, which are useful for Airbnb hosts aiming to improve their property's visibility and booking rate.

That being said, the effectiveness or legitimacy of any tool can depend on many factors, including its current state of development, customer service quality, reliability, pricing, etc. Therefore, it's a good idea to conduct up-to-date research and check recent user reviews and ratings to get the latest and most comprehensive information about Rankbreeze or any other tool you're considering.

As with any software, always make sure to use it responsibly, ethically, and in line with the terms of service of the platform (in this case, Airbnb).

Rankbreeze Review: Optimize Your Airbnb Rankings & Search Visibility
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Support


Overal Rankbreeze is a great tool that can really help you get better search rank on Airbnb.