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Stasher Review: Let Your Guests Store Their Luggage Anywhere

Stasher is the world's first luggage storage network. It connects you with hotels and stores that can keep your luggage safe while you enjoy your time in a city.

Stasher Summary

One of the biggest day-to-day headaches that Airbnb hosts have to deal with is guests leaving their luggage. Not only can it interfere with the next guest coming in, but it can also become a liability for you. Stasher solves that whole issue by providing reliable and insured luggage storage you can recommend to your guests. It's not exactly an Airbnb tool but something that can take a huge burden off of hosts

Stasher Overview

Why Use Stasher?

Trust is at the heart of what Stasher is about. It works with respected brands and vetted businesses. Their 4.8/5 review score is a testament to this and their customer support is multi award-winning. Each bag is also fully insured up to £1000.





Give your guests a solution to the luggage problem


Let's be honest, the problem isn't only theirs, it's yours.

Letting guests store their luggage can be so problematic that many hosts would rather lose money than deal with guests that request this. Have you ever dealt with a guest that doesn't want to check out on time because they have a whole day to spare before their flight?

Then your next guest is wondering why somebody is knocking on their Airbnb door, asking to pick up their bags. This is completely unacceptable. You don't need to deal with that.

Even if guests check out on time, the luggage debacle can be a pain: they bother the new guests, they want to repack or use the bathroom when they return, or they simply don't respect your time. But you don't want to leave your guests hanging either.

Stasher is a super cool solution I found that you can trust to recommend to your guests and take this whole nightmare out of your hands, as long as your unit is near one of their 1000+ Stashpoints!

How does Stasher work?

stasher review

Stasher is very straightforward and easy to use.

Your guests just need to go on Stasher (the website or app) and type in the city or address. They book online (you can give them the discount code GPFYP to give them 10% off!) and then get directions to where they can stash their bags.

Stasher partners with over 1000 stores and hotels across 200 countries for places to store luggage.

Alternatively they can just look on the map and book the location that's closest to them.

Bada-bing, bada-boom, you're then free to never have to worry about that person again and you haven't left them hanging while doing it.

The best part? Even without the discount, it's only $6 for your guest to store the luggage there for the day.

Will my guests' luggage be safe?

I love to recommend Stasher to my guests (if my listing has one nearby) for the main reason that it's super safe and convenient.

For one, every single piece of luggage they take is insured for up to $1000 (included in the price of $6).

They have over 5,000 raving reviews of 4.7/5 stars or more and have amazing 24/7 support.  Each of Stasher's partners has been carefully vetted by Stasher and have secure place for your bags.


 Why you should use a service like Stasher

stasher review

One of the main reasons you should recommend a service like Stasher to your guests is that you should NOT be storing luggage for them. Not only is it annoying for you and your next guests, but you could actually get in a lot of trouble if anything happens to that luggage.

Unless you want to take out insurance for their luggage and wait around for them to come back to pick it up (I recommend you don't do this!) you should just tell them to use a different service. But, you want to keep your reputation intact, so you don't want to recommend just any service.

Stasher is trustworthy and it's more affordable than train station luggage lockers or airport left luggage facilities. You just need to remind your guests to make sure to pay attention to the partner store or hotel's opening hours so that they can be sure to pick up their luggage on time.

They can store their luggage for a whole 24 hours for the $6. All they need to do is book online (on the website or app). Don't forget to give your guests the special discount with the code GPFYP. 

Check Out Stasher and Give your guests a 10% discount with the code GPFYP

Stasher Review
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