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Your Porter App Review: Airbnb Property Management Software

Your Porter App is a mobile solution for managing multiple Airbnb and other short term rental listings. Managing an Airbnb listing is a lot of work, and more and more Airbnb hosts are looking for ways to outsource some or all of the work.  This hasn't gone unnoticed and several vacation rental management tools have appeared on the market in recent years.  Your Porter App is one of these beautiful Airbnb tools, but what makes this tool unique is that it's a mobile app.


What's inside Your Porter App





Your Porter App Features

Your Porter App sends automated Airbnb messages, e-mails, SMS, and WhatsApp texts. Simply set your own rules and assign the autopilot.Your porter app auto message


Your Porter App allows you to send automated Airbnb messages, emails, SMS and Whatsapp messages to guests.  This is especially useful if you're managing multiple properties or even just busy juggling the tasks of everyday life.

Simply create the messages with the messaging tool and set the rules for automation.  For example:

  • Request guest info e.g. names of all guests, flight itinerary, special requests, etc.
  • Confirm airport transfer details
  • Send door entry code via text a few hours before check-in

Another great thing about this feature is that using Your Porter App allows you to attach all kinds of documents via Airbnb message, including PDF's which may include a map or other detailed arrival instructions.

You can also help boost your response rate with the Auto Inquiry Response feature.  This tool allows you to answer initial inquiries, giving you the chance to respond in more detail at a more convenient time.


Travel can be full of surprises.  Some pleasant, some not so much.  The most common surprise is flight delay or cancellation.

Your Porter can automatically collect flight details of your arriving guests.  The app tracks flights and instantly notifies you if there is a delay or cancellation on the flight.

your porter app task management


If you have multiple accounts, it can be incredibly time consuming to switch back and forth between accounts checking emails.

Your Porter combines all of your inboxes into a single inbox, making it easy to stay up to date on all of your inquiries.  You can also turn on the autopilot feature and send messages automatically.  

The message automation can be set for each property and on different schedules.  You can also create the messages yourself.


Being organised is a great characteristic for hosts to have, but for some of us it may not be our strength.  Your Porter App makes it really easy to stay organised!

All listings can be viewed in the dashboard, making it simple to view all your daily operations such as cleaning, repairs, payment collection, guest arrivals and departures.  Tasks can be automated (e.g. cleaning after check out/before check in)  or created as needed (e.g. kitchen sink repair).

You can also assign tasks to your team via email, text or Whatsapp.  The message includes a link to your online task list, which team members can use to mark items as complete.  Your team members don't need to download the app.  Once the task is complete, a notification is sent to your phone.


As we already know, reviews are incredibly valuable not only for hosts, but also for guests.  They can encourage people to book your place or for hosts to accept a guests reservation request.  Writing reviews can be a real headache, especially for professional hosts.  

The app's one-click auto review feature makes it possible to review your guests automatically without creating a template.  The app has more than 60 templates to choose from, so it's easy to find one or multiple that matches your writing style.

Your Porter App Navigation





The timeline provides a day-to-day look at guest arrivals and departures.

One click provides detailed information about the reservation including guest details, messages, and the tasks associated with the property.

Your Porter App is the only app that offers a multi calendar view. The calendar shows an overview of all your listings and bookings by day.

This menu allows you to create and send automated task lists to team members e.g. daily task notification for cleaners, reminder of guest arrival times for meet and greet, monthly maintenance, etc.

From here you can access a single inbox for multiple accounts as well as set up automation for Airbnb inbox, SMS and Whatsapp, Auto Inquiry response as well as Auto Review.

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Your Porter App Rating

Overall, Your Porter is a very useful app that helps make the daily tasks associated with hosting simpler and more efficient whilst simultaneously improving your guests experience and giving hosts a huge first step towards becoming a Superhost. Sign-up for Your Porter now and get a 21-day free trial and $10 off your first subscription. 


Incredibly useful and efficient tool


Easy to use, intuitive interface


Very reasonably priced


Email, Facebook and Twitter support