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Every Airbnb host is looking for ways to improve their listing or guest experience. Who better to ask than a selection of two super hosts?

These are hosts who have proven to go the extra mile to make their guests feel extra comfortable and have been rewarded by numerous five star reviews. We've asked them to share their best airbnb host tips with us and here are their answers.

Airbnb Host Tips

Rochelle, Author of Letting People In

Airbnb Host Tips

1) Let go of your ego. Welcome all feedback from guests and constantly keep an eye out for how you can offer the best lodging experience possible for your clients. This will change over time as you see patterns emerge in what people are expecting in their accommodations and the kinds of questions they frequently ask. Anticipate needs and respond positively to any questions, requests, or feedback.

2) Endeavor to make connections with other hosts–either online or in your own community. The online forum gives you a cultural perspective that is priceless; in your own hometown, having the support of other hosts if you're sick or on vacation can help you feel like someone “has your back” when needs or emergencies arise.

3) Treat every guest like a blessing that allows you to travel, work from home, and make extra income that adds positive value to your life. Respect them as such. Pretend each guest is your beloved grandmother (who you hope to impress) or your childhood best friend who you haven't seen in ages. Wow them. Pay attention to them. Be interested and attentive. The positive reviews and experiences will flow naturally if you “show up” from a place of gracious hospitatlity and concern for everyone who walks through your door.

4) Cleanliness is king. Pine-Sol is a lifesaver.

For more tips from Rochelle, listen to our interview with her.

Nada de Guida, superhost panel member at the Airbnb Open 2014

Nada Di Guida

1) Customise your guest’s experience by asking what they want to do when in your city

2) Make sure they feel comfortable in your place. So if you are living there do not change your habits, invite them to use your kitchen (if it is included in the listing) or enjoy your living room just chilling on the couch.

3) Most important make sure they know their way around the neighbourhood or the city. Remember that what for us is normal for them is totally different, so make sure you know what is different for travellers when they are in your city (sometimes could be interaction with people, traffic, what to expect or to do in a pub/bar/restaurant/museum…and so on)

4) personal touch (a hand written note, a little chocolate….whatever you feel like)

5) On the first place I would say, be authentic, be yourself, if you put your soul in what you do, everyone will get that! Don’t try to be perfect as a hotel could be, their rooms or employee may be, but at the end they are very impersonal.

For more Airbnb host tips from Nada, check out our interview with her.

Question: What are your best Airbnb host tips? Comment below!

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