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Airbnb photo captions are often overlooked by Airbnb hosts.

But they shouldn't be. They're your listing's prime real estate, because the first thing your future potential guests are looking at are your photos. So the first words they'll see are your captions, not your description.

This is your FIRST chance to win your guests over.

In fact, other than your Airbnb title, the captions probably represent the most important text in your entire listing. It's not a secret that most Airbnb users don't read the listing description, at least not until you've caught their attention with your photos and reviews.

If you want to improve your Airbnb listing, there's a good chance your captions are the lowest hanging fruit. So why is it that so many hosts neglect this part of their listing? My guess is because they are not sure what to write.

Here are the three most important guidelines to write effective Airbnb photo captions:

  • Only include facts that aren't immediately obvious
  • Describe the experience, not the features
  • Include a few quotes from your reviews

Let's take a more detailed look below.

Want a list of 154 power words to use rock your Airbnb description?

1. Only include facts that aren't obvious

I see a lot of captions that simply state what's in the photo, captions like “kitchen,” “second bedroom,” or “the roof terrace.”

Although better than not having captions at all, this adds very little information.

Most people are able to recognize a kitchen or bedroom from the photo.

Instead, focus on the details that aren't directly clear from the picture.

What size is the bed?

What type of mattress does it have?

What channels does your TV have, is it a smart TV?

What hours of the day does the balcony have sun?

These are things the viewer won't be able to tell from the photo, but it's valuable information that could help your potential guest make an informed booking decision.

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2. Describe the experience

If you can't think of any information that adds anything to the photo, simply describe the experience that the guest can have.

For example, a good caption for a picture showing an outside space would be something along the lines of:

“The roof terrace provides an excellent opportunity to wind down and enjoy a late-afternoon drink and catch the last few rays of sunlight.”

“With soft, Egyptian-cotton sheets and a temperpedic mattress, you'll have the best night of sleep since you were a baby.”

“The deck has a western-facing view of the mountains, so it's the best spot to catch sunsets in the whole city”

This helps the viewer visualise the experience. It's standard copywriting practice to highlight benefits over features.

This creates a stronger desire in the reader than merely learning that the house has a roof terrace.

bad airbnb photo caption
Source: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/22022736

Want a list of 154 power words to use rock your Airbnb description?

3. Include a few quotes from your reviews

Having your past Airbnb guests vouch for your space is extremely valuable, so why not provide some quotes from your review section in your captions?

Either choose the photos where you don't really know what else to say, or pick the ones that relate to the catchiest quotes from your reviews.

Make sure to add quotation marks and the name of the reviewer to make it obvious that the quote was written by a past guest. Social proof is one of the most decisive factors in a guest deciding to stay at yours. That, and the photos, of course. So you'll be best off if you combine them.


The photo section of your Airbnb listing is arguably the most important section of your listing. The Airbnb photo captions are part of that.

That's why it's so essential to use this space to provide additional information, describe the experience that relates to the photo, and add some of the most powerful quotes from your review section.

For more tips on how to improve your Airbnb listing, check out the ultimate guide to your Airbnb photo section or order my best selling book, Get Paid For Your Pad: How to Maximize Profit From Your Airbnb Listing.

Want a list of 154 power words to use rock your Airbnb description?