Airbnb Superhost Status

Airbnb Superhost Status

Airbnb Superhost

The Airbnb superhost status is back! This means you can earn yourself a superhost badge which will be displayed on your listing. The superhost program recognizes hosts who have gone the extra mile to make their guests happy. This is not for everyone, conditions apply!

Airbnb Superhost Status Conditions

So what do you need to do to become a superhost? You qualify by meeting four conditions, each representing a different aspect of the hosting process. The conditions are:

Airbnb Superhost Status

1) Experience: you need to have hosted at least ten trips
2) Responsiveness: you need to respond to at least 90% of inquiries
3) Commitment: you can't have any cancelations
4) Quality: you need to have 80% five star reviews

Airbnb calculates these factors over the last 12 months and updates the metrics four times a year. This means that if you are currently not a superhost, you can still be one in the future. You need to up the effort though!

What's great about the new superhost system is that you can see where you currently stand. Airbnb shows if you qualify on all four aspects and how much improvement is needed where you don't.

Airbnb Superhost Status Benefits

Awesome, so we work our buts off to create this amazing guest experience that sets us apart from the average host. But hey, what's in it for us? Well, first of all, being an amazing host will significantly improve the amount of inquiries, bookings and stellar reviews. This means more $$$.

But there is more. As a token of appreciation, Airbnb offers five perks to her superstar hosts:

1) The one and only Airbnb Superhost Badge will be displayed on your listing
2) If you maintain your superhost status for a full year, you'll receive $100 in travel credit
3) Priority customer support (starting November 1st 2014)
4) Invitations to exclusive Airbnb events
5) Sneak peaks into upcoming releases and updates

To your hosting success!

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