Airbnb Titles That Will Help Increase Bookings During Coronavirus

Airbnb Titles That Will Help Increase Bookings During Coronavirus

One of the first strategies many hosts have gone to increase occupancy during the crisis has been to change their titles and description.

For one, they aren't targeting the same people anymore – since nobody is traveling, hosts have had to switch their strategies, renting out to travel nurses, work-from-homers or staycationers. Your titles need to change too, to reflect your new market.

For a short period, hosts were using titles like “coronavirus-free” or “no coronavirus here”, but Airbnb quickly banned use of the C-word in titles, in order to prevent the spread of false guarantee of safety.

So the main thing I learned from talking to 100s of hosts about their strategies for maintaining (or even increasing) occupancy during the crisis has been to change their targets, and their titles, accordingly.

I created a coronavirus survival kit for Airbnb hosts – this includes headlines and descriptions you can swipe and copy & paste directly into your listings! It also includes way more resources to get you through the crisis

I want the kit!

Top titles for Airbnb right now

Now you have about a split second to convince them with your title. 

Remember that in times like these, it’s not going to be bohemian dreams of Europe. It’s going to be cleanliness and safety. 

Symbols for Airbnb title

Right now is a great time to use emojis in your title.

Note that technically, Airbnb doesn’t allow the use of emojis.

But I’ve never heard of anyone getting in trouble for using them.

You can use the lighting bolt ⚡️ or star ⭐️to make your title stand out.

Then use headlines that show more value.

Today, that would be something like: 

  • Travel nurse discount | Black-out Curtains
  • Escape the city | Shelter in nature

To find emojis or symbols, just Google “emoji keyboard” and choose the one you like.

Or let them know you have coffee, tea, supplies or whatever so they don’t have to go out and put themselves at risk.

Right now, people aren’t traveling for pleasure. 

They’re most likely business travelers, people who got stuck somewhere, or travel nurses. 

Calm their nerves with your title. 

Catchy names for Airbnb title

TL;DR? The ironclad formula is:

airbnb title

Download a list of 154 power words to use in your Airbnb title

How to compose your Airbnb title

No title is perfect and it's a good idea to experiment with your title to see how different titles affect the number of views you get for your listing. However, if you get the fundamentals right you'll certainly see a bump in views. So let's dive into the good stuff.

Use all the space provided

You can use up to 50 characters to craft your Airbnb title. Use as much as you can! Less is not more in this case. Any extra information you provide in your title could be a reason for the viewer to click on your listing.

Using value-adding information only

Airbnb users typically choose the location and type of property before they start browsing through the search results. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to use this information in the title, it doesn’t add any value.

Speak to your audience

Think about your typical guest. What’s the reason for his visit? What type of person or group would love to stay at your place? What type of guest do you want to host? It’s better to cater to a specific crowd than to try to appeal to everyone.

You can choose between renting to travel nurses or work-from-homers, for example, but choose a specific audience and be sure the title speaks to them.

Include your listing’s best features

What’s the reason that people want to stay at your house? What’s your pad’s best feature? These are the things you want to include in your title. If you’re not sure what it is, the reviews left by your previous guests may offer some clues.

My guests love the location of my apartment as well as the fact that it has a patio. Therefore I mentioned these two features in my title.

Use catchy words in your title

Writing your catchy Airbnb title is the same as writing a headline for articles online. Most blog writers today will spend at least half their time writing and testing the title of the post. You should approach your Airbnb tagline with the same rigor.

Instead of “Nice apartment in central location” you could write “Gorgeous Hideout | Close to Everything.” What sounds more enticing? In general, avoid using general words like “nice” “good,” and “great.” Go for more descriptive ones like “spacious,” “modern,” and “rustic.”

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid the following words:

  • Nice
  • Good
  • Great
  • Clean
  • Amazing

They aren't terrible, but if you could use more powerful adjectives that immediately paint a picture for the FPG, your Airbnb house name will stand out. The following adjectives have a far better impact:

  • Rustic
  • Spacious
  • Modern
  • Eclectic
  • Glamorous
  • Historic
  • Green
  • Luxurious
  • Peaceful
  • Secluded
  • Upscale
  • Rare

I created a coronavirus survival kit for Airbnb hosts – this includes headlines and descriptions you can swipe and copy & paste directly into your listings! It also includes way more resources to get you through the crisis

I want the kit!

Make it stand out with an Airbnb title emoji

You can use special characters in your title to help it stand out. I chose to use little stars in my title: ★. If you want to use these, just copy-paste. I have no idea what the keyboard code is.

Examples of excellent Airbnb titles and not so good ones

Let’s look at some great examples of titles, and some not so good ones. I'll start with my own title and explain how I composed it. When I looked at the search results, my listing happened to be featured next to one with a terrible title, so I included that one in the screenshot too.

Airbnb title

My fellow Airbnb host that the listing on the right belongs to hasn't done a great job at composing a title. The issues are (1) the title doesn't use all the space provided (2) it's not targeting a specific crowd (3) it's not a catchy name for an Airbnb rental and (4) it certainly doesn't stand out. It's not a surprise to see that the listing has a mere three reviews.

Now let's look at my own title and see what's the thought behind it. First of all, I'm using every single character provided. The title also has information that adds value. Based on the title, the viewer can infer that my place is great for couples, it has a patio, it's in a central location and it has two bedrooms. The latter may be redundant information, as most viewers use the filters to specify how many rooms they are looking for, but I had three characters left so why not add it.

Next, I'm clearly speaking to a specific audience: couples. It's fairly catchy, I would say, although not extremely. I sacrificed some “catchiness” to make room for more value-adding information. The way my title is formatted, it definitely stands out and it includes the two best aspects of my listing, its location and the patio.

More Airbnb title examples

airbnb title tips

The one on the left is fairly good in my opinion, although improvement could be made. There's more space available for example. What's good about it is that it adds lots of information. However, since the picture already clearly shows the rooftop, I'd choose to highlight something else instead.

The one on the right is not so great. The space usage is good, but most of the information is redundant. The only value-adding information is “comfy, convenient,” the rest of the information is (most likely) redundant. The viewer probably already knows he's looking at the Upper West Side and that it's a room.

Let's look at two more Airbnb title examples.

Airbnb title example

The title on the left is one of the better ones I've seen. Notice the little symbol at the beginning of the title, it helps the title to stand out. “Instaworthy views” sounds a lot cooler than “great views,” it's very catchy, and so does “Ace location.” All in all, the title provides a lot of information in a catchy way.

By now you probably understand why the listing's title on the right isn't great. Not much information, very little space used and it just sounds super boring.

Testing your title

One of the most important things you need to do is test your title and see how it actually affects both your rankings and how many people are clicking it. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there's no way to manually track your ranking or see how your changes affect your listing's performance.

But no sane business person would just throw changes out without tracking performance. I personally use and recommend Rankbreeze, which is a tool that helps you optimize your listing and track your ranking. You can even A/B test titles (in marketing speak, that means try out two different titles and see which one performs better).

That means every time you make a change, you can keep testing it so that you get the most amount of clicks possible on your listing. If you're serious about your Airbnb, this is a small investment I'd consider.


To conclude, there's no such thing as “the perfect title.” It's hard to compose a title that has all the features mentioned in this post. The good news is, it doesn't have to have all.

What's most important is that:

  1. The title is catchy and it stands out
  2. You use all the space provided
  3. It provides value-adding information.

Other ways to improve your Airbnb listing:

*Optimize your Airbnb photo section
*Improve your Airbnb listing description

Here's a fun video that kind of summarizes the lessons learned in this post.


I created a coronavirus survival kit for Airbnb hosts – this includes headlines and descriptions you can swipe and copy & paste directly into your listings! It also includes way more resources to get you through the crisis

I want the kit!



  1. Melita Dakic says:

    Hi Jasper, thank you for sharing good ideas with us. What do you think about this title?


    • Jasper says:

      Hi Melita,

      Good job, that’s not a bad title at all.

      I would shy away from using all caps, it looks a bit aggressive. I think using a symbol like ★ to make the title stand out is a bit more subtle. Also, “city center” and “walk everywhere” imply the same thing, that your place as a great location. So instead, I’d replace “in city center” with the next best feature of your listing. Let’s say you have free parking for example.

      Here’s what it would look like: ★Urban Luxury Oasis★ Free Parking | Walk Everywhere

      Hope that helps!


  2. Jacob G says:

    What are your thoughts on this title? ★Charming Old City 2BR ★Couple’s Gataway | Balcony

  3. Stacey says:

    Hi! Great website!

    In going with your stars theme I have this so far. Suggestions/updates?
    ★Luxury On The Beach★ Turtles + Private Lanai + AC

    ★ Luxury On The Beach ★ Turtles + Private Lanai + A/C | Royal Mauian 509

    Here are my listings:

    • Jasper says:

      Hi Stacey, your place looks amazing, I want to go 🙂

      As for your titles, good job. Not so sure about the “private Lanai” part as I don’t know what that means, and I’m probably not the only one. Looking at your pictures, you have a pretty epic view. Picture no.2 is really money (have you tried putting that one as no.1?). I’d mention the view instead of the “private Lanai,” something like “epic sunset views.”

      • Stacey says:

        Thanks so much! We’d love to host you and for helping me out you will get a discount 🙂

        Lanai is the outdoors deck/patio area 🙂

        Great feedback! I was actually wondering some of those same things. I am going to change the photo and see if view # change.

        What about these:
        Airbnb: ★ Luxury On The Beach ★ Epic Sunset & Turtle Views
        VRBO: ★ Luxury On The Beach ★ Epic Sunset & Turtle Views + A/C | Royal Mauian 509


        • Jasper says:

          Yeah I think that’s better. The view from your place has to be one of the highlights of your guests’ experience, so it’s worth mentioning in the title.

          What does “Royal Mauian 509” mean?

    • Baljinder Nijjar says:

      Hi Jasper,
      Appreciate your great ideas with everyone. How can I improve mine
      Spacious 1 bedroom near airport/Downtown/Train
      Thanks for your time

  4. Marta Camargo says:

    Cosy&close to all amenities self cont.apartment!

  5. George says:

    what think you of this?
    ★ A Quiet Cozy Getaway with Patio ★ Convenient

    • Jasper says:

      I think it’s a good one. I’m not sure about the word “convenient” because it’s quite general, it could mean a lot of things. What is it that makes your home convenient? Whatever it is, I’d include that instead.

  6. Paula says:

    Hi jasper! I loved your post! I’m trying to improve my listing now!Your tips are really helping! I never thought in half of those things!
    Can you tell me what you think about my title? : ★Paradise getaway★Comfy★Pool♡IGlove, sleeps 4

    Thank you for all the tips you have one more podcast follower 😊

  7. Paula says:

    Thank you Jason! Is Instagram, I was with that doubt if I should put or not, because there’s a lot of people that don’t know what means, but the Instagramers know. But maybe I should change for @IG. Do you think people will understand better this way?

    • Jasper says:

      Ah ok so the purpose is to direct people to your IG account so they can see more pictures and videos of the place?

  8. vince west says:

    My title is Spring North Portland Bdrm and my listing is here:

    Thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

    • Jasper says:

      Hi Vincent,

      I think you can improve it, currently your title doesn’t tell me much other than it’s location. What do you like most about your home? What’s the reason people should stay with you? What’s different about your place than other places?

  9. Paula says:

    I’m still putting all together, I thought of create a Ig just for the house where travellers could share their pictures, like a community. I put online the Airbnb last week so I’m pretty a early bird on this matter. I really want people to feel that the house is like their own and they are a part of the house history. I ask the travellers to share their pics with me so I can build a memory wall for the house. Do you think is to much? Well I’m moving the chat on another direction sorry! Just to excited with all this experience.

    • Jasper says:

      No I think that’s a great idea Paula, I just wanted to make sure I understand. I wouldn’t necessarily direct people away from your Airbnb listing in your title, I’d rather have them stay at the listing as that’s where they can book. However, your IG account could be used to direct people to your Airbnb listing, that’s a great way to market your listing.

  10. Thomas Baran says:

    Hey Jasper!

    I really appreciate the blog post – I think it’s one of the most useful one’s yet. What do you think of my title?

    ★ More Metro Less Uber ★ Supermarket | Ocean


    • Jasper says:

      Hi Thomas,

      thanks, glad you found it helpful. I like your title, I’m not sure about the “More Metro Less Uber” part. If you think proximity to the metro station is the best aspect of your listing, I’d add something like “Metro nearby” and save some space.

  11. Hi Jasper! I’m trying to get my house rented but it’s in a quiet country area…. also AirBnBis only giving me 35 characters to describe it so I’m having trouble:(
    ★Large Family Retreat|Lots to See★
    Can’t fit any more…..

    • Jasper says:

      Hi Krista,

      The first part of your title is good, the second part could be improved I think. “Lots to see” is a bit general, I would either use the space to mention an amenity or be more specific about what there is to do.

      Hope that helps!


  12. Johan says:

    Hi Jasper,

    Loved your advice and tried to apply it right away, by changing my listing’s name on Airbnb ( to:
    ❤ Sunny beachfront holiday retreat, amazing views!

    Your views would be welcome

    Best regards,


  13. Lori says:

    I loved your blog…great information. We just started running our Beachside B&B a short time ago. I have played with different wordings and headings and would love to hear your thoughts on any of it.
    Thank you

  14. Jasper says:

    Hi Lori,

    I think your title (Beachside Room*Epic Instaworthy Views*Luxury Oasis) is great, love the “instaworthy”. As for your pictures, the first picture looks great but it would be even better is you could get a shot of the bedroom with a view in the back, don’t know if it’s possible to do this but if you can it would be great.


  15. Susan says:

    First of all I love your blog. I would like your opinion on a couple of title options I’ve come up with:

    1) Live like a local♥CottagePriv Pool+Tennis near Ham
    2) Sunny☼Tropical Cottage Priv Pool+Tennis nea Ham♥
    3) Sunny☼Cottage Oasis♥ Priv Pool+Tennis near Ham

  16. Vladimir says:

    Hi Jasper,

    Thanks for great advice in this great article,
    I would really appreciate your opinion on this(any tips to make it better):
    I split the title in 3 parts so i can rearrange their place in tittle.

    ★Amazing Apartment♥Perfect for Couples♥2 Terraces★
    ★Exclusive Apartment★Couple’s Getaway★2 Terraces★

    When I search for Listings to see how they are displayed,
    not all 50 characters are displayed the tittle is shortened a bit.
    I arranged the tittle so no words are cut, the first 2 parts will be visible,
    and the 3rd when you click on the listing.

    Kind Regards,

    • Jasper says:

      Hi Vladimir,

      Good job on the title. Your apartment looks fantastic. I’d put picture 2 or 6 first though and I would also consider investing in a double bed. I’m sure the couch is comfortable but I think some guests would prefer a real bed.

  17. Paige says:

    Hi Jasper, your articles are so helpful; thank you! I have a room listing and a whole house listing. I changed the titles after reading your tips. They still seem a little boring to me, but I would love your feedback:

    ★ Comfy Queen Bedroom ★ Walk Everywhere! ★

    ★ Gorgeous House Sleeps TEN ★ Walk Everywhere ★

    Thanks again!

  18. Dianna says:

    How about this? The 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath apartment has been fully renovated, features all kinds of HiTech gadgets and we are near the famous Hatfield/McCoy and Spearhead ATV trails. Hard to put all that into the title.

    ★All New HiTech Oasis Close to ATV Trails and Fun!

  19. Annette says:

    Sunshine on a hill or Ocean at your fingertips . It’s a 1 bedroom condo with an ocean view and 2 blocks from the beaches in Hawaii . Ant suggestions ?

    • Jasper says:

      I think both those are good, then I’d add one or two of the other best features. “Ocean view, steps from the beach – Luxury Retreat / comfortable getaway” or something

  20. Stephanie says:

    Hello Jasper,
    I have taken your suggestions and crafted this new title:
    ★Couple’s Getaway★Epic Sunsets★ Nature Lover’s ❤️
    for this listing:
    We would love your ten cents worth.

  21. Francesco says:

    Hello Jasper,
    that’s an excellent article, thanks and I just received your fist email!!

    Currenly my listing is as follows:
    Cosy retreat in the old town, superb lake-view

    Apparently it is catchy to my target group, as I aimed to offer it mainly to couples and people on retreat, but what is your view?

    Many thanks in advance!

  22. Kylie says:

    Hi Jason,

    We are new to Airbnb so I’m not sure what is the best title i can put on our property.
    Actually we have more than one we have 8 unit on the same area two ins shorterm rental and 6 is longterm rental.

    Please check it out.

  23. Mavy says:

    Hi, I tried to use special characters in my title. I even cut and paste the star that you suggested. Unfortunately, the special characters does not show in my listing at all 🙁 Is AirBnb platform different for different region?

  24. Timothy says:

    Hi Jasper, what do you think of this title?

    Spacious Luxury Hide-Out, Close to Everything!

    Airbnb Listing is

  25. Skill bill says:

    Hello there!
    Its an old post, hope your still around,would love some feedback!

    ♡ of Athens|City Break|Walk everytime| 2BD ent apt

  26. mike says:

    Hi Jasper,

    I know I’m late but I could use some help and feedback:

    ★Couples Getaway★All Inclusive Resort★VIP Access

  27. Odna says:

    Hey Jasper thanks for all the insight & comparison – it helps a lot.
    This is my title : ★Workers Paradise★Free Parking|Quiet Neighborhood

    What do you think?
    Thank you so much

    • Jasper says:

      I think it’s a great title, the only suggestion I have for you is that “workers paradise” kind of already implies that it’s a quiet neighborhood, so I’d look to replace that part with another attractive feature of your place.

  28. Lulu Zhang says:

    Hi Jasper,

    It’s an excellent article. It’s very useful and helpful.
    My title is ★Modern Condo in South Loop★ | Free Street Parking

    But only 10% of people need free parking, I don’t know if I need to change to other title. We have a private bathroom for guest, it might have more attraction to people?

    Please give me your suggestion. Thank you so much!

    • Jasper says:

      Hi Lulu,

      I would try adding the private bathroom, that probably has more appeal than the street parking. You could also leave out the “south loop” part as people usually choose the area first when they search. How about: Modern Condo | Private Bath | Parking? Or you could even replace the parking with something else.

      Hope that helps!


  29. Anna says:

    Hi Jasper,
    We are new in Airbnb. Just posted. Took photos myself. Already got two visitors coming.
    Please let me know what’s good and what is bad with my listing include title. Location is very nice, close to the famous park where a lot of concerts happen during the summer. A couple blocks away all stores and lot of different restaurants.

    Thank you so much for your output

  30. Michele A Smith says:

    Wow, great help! I have 1 home, 3 listings. 1 for each room. We are adding a 4th room. I was thinking ☆Sunny Cove Retreat☆ but we are not near a large body of water. The room is shaped like a cove…… Here are my 3 other rooms
    The Ranch

    The Serenity room

    Taste Of Heaven☆Priv Bath

    • Hi, I’m hoping to get a response. I have college parents, traveling health care workers who I host.. maybe #LongTermAvail☆BBQ & Campfires Quite☆ Upscale☆

      • Jasper says:

        I wouldn’t add the LongTermAvail, if you don’t set a maximum number of nights then your listings will automatically show up when guests search for longer term stays. I would also leave out the word “quite.” As for the BBQ/Campfires part, if that’s what you think is the most attractive part of your hosting offering and you think that your audience enjoys these activities, leave it in. If not, replace it with other attractive features of your listings. Hope that helps!

  31. Luis says:

    Hello Jasper. Please comment on my title: ★ Spacious room, relaxing terrace, best location!

  32. George says:

    Hello Jasper,
    Ive been searching for a while to find out how to get the catchy Tittle
    maybe if you can drop me a visit to my listing and give me a hint about what can i use

    thank you so much

  33. Dylan Nunn says:

    Hey Jasper

    Thanks so much all the assistance to your readers! My listing title “Social Incubator ★ Metro Nearby ★ Free Parking ” Let me know what you think my man any input is appreciated , also feel free to drop by any time!

  34. CL Reed says:

    Hello Jasper: Would greatly appreciate your input…

    Skydiver’s/Business and Traveler’s Delight!

    Skydiver’s, Business and Traveler’s Haven
    Skydiver’s, Business and Traveler’s Refuge
    Skydiver’s, Business and Traveler’s Sanctum
    Skydiver’s, Business and Traveler’s Harbor

    • Jasper says:

      I would keep the “skydiver’s haven” (or the other adjectives) if a lot of skydivers frequent your area and would use the rest of the space in the title to highlight some of your listing’s best features. For example “Skydiver’s Haven | feature 1 | feature 2.” That way you provide a bit more info about why someone would want to stay at your place.

  35. Donna Janigo says:

    Bellilngham GarageMahal Studio with Tandem Bike

  36. Martina says:

    Hi Jasper,

    I read your article and I think it is very helpful.
    Could you help me please?
    I have a studio that I rent, but I am struggling with finding the perfect title..

  37. Jessie Hanna says:

    Hi there.
    What do you think of this title?
    ★Private 1BD/1BR Apt★Great for Quiet Getaway★

    • Jasper says:

      I like the “quiet getaway” part, I think the “great for” could be left out to free up space, you could use that to mention another good aspect of your place.

  38. Hi Jasper! Great post!
    I’m trying to improve my title on Airbnb, let me know what you think! Too generic?

  39. JL says:

    Hello Jasper.

    Great read.

    New to hosting on Airbnb. Need help on my title.

    What do you think?

  40. Marlene says:

    ★ Close to Everything ★ parking ★ relax and enjoy!

    Is nice?

    • Jasper says:

      I’d change the “relax and enjoy!” part because it’s very general, I’d replace it with something specific to your apartment.

  41. Haris says:

    Hi Jasper,

    What do you think of mine name for mine apartment? I would like to hear your opinion.

    ” Newly Renovated★Beautiful View★Near City Center ”

    All the best,

  42. naveen says:

    Hi Jasper,
    Your articles are very helpful, I have a 3 bed room apartment listing. I have changed the titles after reading your tips. But Iam still keen to improve the listing Title. Few options I thought are:

    ★Pink City House★ Centre of heritage City!!
    ★Pink City House★ Ideal for family and travellers,
    If you can suggest something about the listing would be very helpful.

    Thank You!!
    Best Regards,

  43. Sara says:

    Hi Jasper,

    I came cross your blog when searching tips to be more attractive on Airbnb listing titles. What a great article! Your suggestion is super helpful. I made some changes based on your advice. Could you take a look of my listings and their titles? Thanks so much!

    ★Spacious & Peaceful King Room★Close to Everything
    ★Spacious & Trendy 2BD Townhome★ 15MIN to Uptown

    Best regards,

  44. Hi Jasper,

    after having read your advices I changed the name of my Airbnb page! It used to be “Cicci’s Home, Your Gateway to 5 Terre” it now is:

    ★Sunny|Cozy|Walk Everywhere|Awesome Roof Terrace!★

    What do you think???

    Thank you so much for your answer 🙂


  45. Angela says:

    Hi Jasper,
    Great article!
    I am still getting my listing ready and working on the title. Background, it’s a fully renovated, 1930’s Spanish, 3/2, with lots of vintage charm (coved ceilings, hardwood floors, retro tile bathroom…) sleeps 7 max In Pasadena, so close to Rose Bowl, Old Town Pasadena, Hiking, Downtown L.A. (20 mins drive) Hollywood (30 min) etc.
    Here are the few I have so far:
    Spacious Spanish Retreat Close To Rose Bowl & L.A.
    ★Spacious & Peaceful★ Close to Rose Bowl & DTLA
    Spacious & Sunny Home ★ Near Rose Bowl & DTLA
    Sunny Spanish ♥Families or Small Groups♥ Rose Bowl
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Jasper says:

      Hi Angela, I think they are all pretty good, to make a choice think about how important the vicinity to the Rose Bowl & Downtown LA is for your guests. Do they come to see a game? If so keep that in. If not, I’d leave it out and focus more on the Spanish theme as that’s something that makes you stand out.

  46. Joanne says:

    How do you add symbols?? Can’t figure it out!

  47. anna tong says:

    Hi Jasper!!! Thoughts on this one? ❤️Private 2BDR, walk to subway& Castro/Noe/Mission

  48. Anna Tong says:

    Hi Jasper! How about this one? ❤️Private 2BDR, walk to subway& Castro/Noe/Mission

  49. Trev says:

    Hi Jasper , Thanks for your Super Helpful Article.
    Would love your feed back please .
    Cheers Trev

    • Jasper says:

      Hi Trevor, great listings and photos! Don’t forget to add captions. If you don’t know what to write, you have some brilliant reviews, why not quote some statements from your previous guests and add those as captions? Also I recommend responding to your reviews.

  50. Sheri Twenge says:

    Hello Jasper,
    Just started in the vacation rental business and would love your input. Title suggestions? Thoughts?

    Thank you!

  51. Esther says:

    Hi Jasper thank you for a great blog, really helpful. My listing is in Accra, Ghana. Can you take a look at my listing and titles and give some feedback. We have been live for 2 weeks only. Thank, well appreciated.

    Lovely house/Nr West Hills Mall/+3 beaches


  52. elena says:

    Hi Jasper
    Please advise on the below title
    “Spacious contemporary house near beach & Corfu City’

  53. Marguerite Machen says:

    Hi I want to hire someone to write my post as I’m not good at that. I clicked on Daniel Rusteen link but it’s no longer active. Any other ideas or someone? Thank you!
    It’s going to be female only hosting listing as I live alone and share kitchen

  54. Allan says:

    Great article! What do you think of my title? Luxury 5th Av Penthouse – Private Rooftop Terrace!


  55. Lucia says:


    • Jasper says:

      I wouldn´t use all caps personally, comes across as a little aggressive. Are these three for different properties or three suggestions for the same property?

  56. gerry says:

    ★Beautiful “Poolside” Sanctuary with Large Deck @ the Mountain Creek Ski Resort

  57. Hello Jasper,
    I am pretty sure my title needs a little help. Any thoughts for improvement? Thanks so much for your time!

  58. Hi Jasper! Thank you for a great blog. I just started in a vacation rental business and i would love your input. Please take a look at my listing and title and tell me what you think. Name and Title suggestions? Thank you so much for your help!

  59. Sheila Pocknett says:

    Comfy Room in Mid City

  60. Hi Jasper great blog, you think i should put my listing in Spanish or English, its a large flat suits groups, not next to beach but not far, any help with my listing most appreciated

  61. Debbie Cassimus says:

    Hi Jasper, new to Airbnb and ready to list. Really stuck…newly renovated old 1944 bungalow with exposed rafters and mid century modern vibe throughout How about: Mid Century Modern Bungalow retreat! or Inviting Bungalow with MCM vibe!

    • Jasper says:

      Hi Debbie, I wouldn’t put MCM as I’m not sure everyone will know what that means. I’d have a look at the competing Airbnbs in your area and see what their titles are, you want to choose something that stands out.

  62. Elma says:

    Hi Jasper, thank you for your blog. It really helps us non-imaginative ones!

    My listing is at

    At the moment the title is “The Glass House, Luxury 420 in the ❤️ of Denver!”, but I was considering the following title instead:
    – “The Glass House: 420❤️, rtop deck, hot tub, elevtr”
    – “The Glass House: lux420❤️,rtop deck,hot tub,elevtr”
    – “Lux420, rtop deck, hot tub, elevtr in ❤️ of Denver”

    • Elma van der Ryst says:

      I changed it to “Lux420, Rftop deck, Hot tub, Elvtr in ❤️ of Denver” because it tells you 6 things about the place, but it’s not very catchy. What do you think? Thanks!

  63. Suze says:

    Hi Jasper!
    Amazing blog. Below is my airbnb listing after I read your blog.

  64. Suze says:

    Great Blog! Thank you:)

  65. Great ideas. Got the thought process going.
    “British Couple Hosts”
    Thinking perhaps “British Couple Hosts’ Bed n Breakfast. Weekend Getaway. Jacuzzi, exercise area. Or something in that area!!!

  66. Wilna Erasmus says:

    Hi Jasper. Thank you for the great info! We have 3 listings; the first 2 are doing fair, the newest and 3rd one mentioned above only had 1 booking. Any commends and advice would be greatly appreciated!
    The Otter Pod; a rare Waterfront Gulf access Home
    OUR NEST: Nature’s Best Getaway, beaches nearby
    The Quirky Retro Pad (Home): unplug and unwind!

  67. Lisa Marie Bartley says:

    THanks Jasper- we are going to start hosting in Ann ARbor near UM What do you think of this title?
    Walk to Big House- Sleep in a quiet bedroom suite- perfect for couples

  68. Brittany Loutner says:

    Thanks for this post! You are so kind to help us out!
    We have a newer listing and would love some title help!

    We’re in a quiet neighborhood, super clean space! Almost everything is new. It has everything you need for a short or longer stay.
    Great for couples, people in for work, or in for events.

    • Jasper says:

      Hi Brittany, I think your title is good but I would change the order of your photos, the first five only show the bedroom. I would move picture 7, 8 and 14 to the front to give a more comprehensive view of what your studio looks like.

  69. sofia says:

    Hi Jasper what do you thing for my new listing? ⭐️ · ⭐️ NEW Relaxing lake front retreat

  70. Judy Broad says:

    Hi Jasper,
    I’m finding your blog so useful as I get ready to host our new property. What are your thoughts on: Cape Schanck Golf Getaway: fairway and sea views.

    With thanks,

  71. Nancy says:

    Hi Jasper,
    Your suggestions are amazing. I am wondering if you could help me with my listing title. It is :
    Luxury Outdoor Shower at Unique Riverfront Cabin

    Thanks a ton and happy holidays!

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