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It's no secret that remote work has increased dramatically this year.

This has caused one of the biggest Airbnb trends of the year – catering to remote workers.

I talked with Robert Nunez, founder of Work in Paradise, a remote work destination in Aruba, about his thoughts on creating spaces for people to work from home.

Let's dive into how to attract remote workers to your stay in 2021.


Should you take advantage of Airbnb trends? 

Many companies didn't think they could work remotely, but COVID forced them to adapt. Now, it seems like a lot of companies may stay remote. When big companies like Twitter and Facebook started transitioning to work from home, Robert took notice.

There are some Airbnb trends that aren't worth paying attention to, but it looks like remote work is here to stay.

So, what should you do to take advantage of this opportunity?

Embrace the change. Consider creating experiences that will get more remote workers into your units. The upside to remote workers is that they are likely to be looking for a midterm stay, instead of a few days.


How to attract remote workers 

With any of the Airbnb trends I cover, I always recommend knowing your avatar first. Think about what you would want as a remote worker. Check out places, like Work in Paradise, to see who they are catering to and how.

Here are a few things Robert recommends for attracting remote workers:

remote work ideas

One of the most important things is the WiFi speed. If you're working remotely, you can't do much without good WiFi. I recommend checking your WiFI speed (it's free here) and considering how many workers you expect to host at one time. I've also done an in-depth review of StayFi, which offers increased WiFI performance and the ability to collect guest emails for marketing.

Lastly, focus on providing an experience. While I was staying at Work in Paradise I was minutes from closing my computer and jumping into the ocean. You really can't beat that. Location and nearby attractions can play a huge role in attracting remote workers.


Starting out 

If you're thinking about jumping on the newest of Airbnb trends with Robert, you'll need to start talking to people who are hosting remote workers. You'll learn from their mistakes because they are actually doing it, and you'll save a ton of time, money, and energy.

The people who aren't doing it will probably give you all the reasons why not to do it. So, just focus on creating a community of Airbnb or short-term rental hosts that can support you!

airbnb trends remote workers palm tree


Here are a few resources to check out:


There are endless ways to connect with remote workers, especially considering many people are working remotely.

For more ideas, you can also check your local Airbnb competition to see what they have implemented to attract remote workers.

Looking for a remote work destination? 

Even if you're reading this as an Airbnb host, you're probably working from home yourself right now. Why not work in paradise?

Work in Paradise is a remote work destination on the sunny island of Aruba. They say it's one happy island, and I have to agree. I planned to stay at Work in Paradise for a week but found myself extending my stay.

With remote work, there's no need to wait until you retire to reward yourself. You might as well love what you do, and love where you do it.

man sitting on beach

Imagine being this guy right now…

The community at Work in Paradise is amazing as well. Being able to share ideas with like-minded people is needed, especially these days! Each room is like a private office, with a lock, personal AC, and desk. If you want to change up your environment, there are workstations outside and throughout the super villa.

Plus, did I mention you can be in blue waters with sea turtles 10 minutes after picking up your bags? 

You can talk directly to Robert about staying at Work in Paradise, or check out some ideas for your own remote work destination below! 

Check out Work in Paradise today!