How Predictive Analytics Will Rock Your Airbnb Listing

How Predictive Analytics Will Rock Your Airbnb Listing


You’ve probably read all the tricks about how to better serve your Airbnb guests, what amenities to include, how to make your profile look appealing, and all those vital things contributing to your moneymaking pad. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to be told exactly what you need to make the most money? Well, there just might be.

It’s called predictive analytics. It sounds complex but it’s simple for Airbnb hosts to understand – you get the specific quantitative information needed to get the most returns on Airbnb. This is data that is based on past trends and algorithms to predict future trends and outcomes, so people can make quick, intelligent decisions.

Mashvisor is a platform that provides such data and is aimed at helping newbie investors pick the best traditional or Airbnb investment property, and ultimately tells an investor which strategy makes more money for a particular property based on comparative data. For those who are interested in purchasing properties solely for listing them on Airbnb, Mashvisor can help you find the best property and get the highest returns.

Mashvisor’s insights provide Airbnb hosts/investors with the key variables and red flags that should be focused on in order to increase occupancy rates and cash flow. The analysis compares nearby properties and then generates a summary of the optimal Airbnb property features.


What does the data compare?

– Number of bookings per month and occupancy rates
– Nightly rate
– Rental availability
– Property Revenue
– Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
– Property Type: studio, flat, apartment, single-family, etc.

Knowing how the property type and number of bedrooms correlates with occupancy rates provides investors knowledge about 2 things: 1) what’s in high-demand in a high neighborhood 2) what types of properties to focus on a property search.

Airbnb Predictive Analytics

Occupancy rates and bookings are probably the most valued aspect by users because it essentially gives the investor an idea of what their annual workload and income look like. Furthermore, it reveals the seasonality trend. If summer is peak-season while other seasons are almost non-existent, an investor might need to consider another location. You can filter average monthly occupancy by occupancy rate goal, property type, or number of bedrooms.

Mashvisor Airbnb

Finally, what kind of money are your neighbors making? The average prices are what you should use to compare and set your prices. The monthly revenue is broken down into 2 categories – property type and number of bedrooms.

The analysis is interactive, which means a user can filter their search based specific occupancy rate, property type, number of bedrooms, and fine-tune cost assumptions when getting a budget breakdown. The investment property calculator eliminates the need for users to create multiple spreadsheets based on different financial scenarios.

By the end of the analysis, a summary of the most lucrative property is given – a straight to the point summary. Meaning, if the user obtains a property with the same qualities as the summary, they will gain the highest revenue.

Mashvisor real estate

Mashvisor helps novice investors feel more comfortable about their investment by providing them with real numbers – diminishing the use of spreadsheets or the need to search on several sites. While Mashvisor currently only focuses on the U.S. market, you can request data on international cities by emailing us. Also, don’t forget to get your exclusive Get Paid For Your Pad promotional code GPFYP for 35% off to access all of Mashvisor’s data.

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