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With all the social restrictions in place right now, people are itching for ways to let go.
If you’re an Airbnb host, a house full of drunk people with pent up energy is not what you want! So, what can you do to prevent Airbnb parties
On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, I talked to Michael Goldin from NoiseAware. NoiseAware monitors the sound in your home, so you're the first to hear (literally) about any problems! 
Michael joins me to share his top strategies for how to handle and prevent Airbnb parties.

Why has there been an increase in Airbnb parties?

When the COVID lockdowns first started, we had no idea how long restrictions would last.
People need social contact, and as we know, parties provide the perfect place to let go.
On top of the need for a good time, there’s been a lot of news coverage about Airbnb parties. Unfortunately, the more news coverage about parties, the more Airbnb parties!
Prevent Airbnb Parties NEWS

The Streisand Effect: the more you make a big deal about something, the more people are interested in it!

People are on an endless Spring break and looking for a place to blow of steam.

They are getting creative too! Guests with negative reviews are paying people that have good reviews, so they can book. Groups are booking many houses at a time, so when they get shut down they move to the next.

It’s next-level out here! However, there are many ways to stop the madness before it starts. 

What can you do to prevent Airbnb parties?

This is the third time Airbnb has tried to ban parties.
Airbnb restrictions are not effective on their own, simply because people are clever. But, you can prevent almost 95% of noise problems with preparation.

Prevent Airbnb Parties guy sneaking

Airbnb banned parties, but people come up with some crazy ideas these days!

Micheal has a strategy for party protection, and it starts before your guest has booked.

Preventing Airbnb Parties: Pre-Booking

  1. Deter guests by stating you use NoiseAware

  2. Flat out say ‘no parties' – mention this is an Airbnb policy

  3. If guest books for one night, ask why?

  4. Ask who will be showing up, if you suspect anything


Preventing Airbnb Parties: During the stay

  1. Use Ring to know when people are coming in and out.

  2. Set up NoiseAware notifications – know if something starts

  3. Remind guests of local noise fines


Sometimes, it can feel weird to have such strict rules.

prevent parties on airbnb house rules

You don't have to go overboard with rules and make your listing sound like a prison cell, it's all about how you frame it!

If you're worried about sounding like a Debbie Downer, here's an idea of what to say:

To guarantee your security – we have an outside camera installed!


Airbnb said they will sue people who throw parties, it’s not up to me.


Hey {guest}, just a friendly reminder, {Tahoe} has a {$1000} fine for excessive noise!


Quick hack: Screen out people with new profiles, short answers, no plan, or bad grammar.

What do you do if there is a noise alert?

Ok, so you’ve taken all the precautions, but what should you do when you get an alert from NoiseAware, and it is a party?
According to NoiseAware, 1 in every 20 stays will have a noise event, while 1 in every 200 is a full-blown party. These are good odds if you want to prevent Airbnb parties.  
Most noise issues happen on the first night, so it's important to “train” your guests right away. When you get a NoiseAware notification (or notice sound), consider the context first.
baby vs party
Think about the time of day, and who is in the unit. For instance, a noise alert at 9 AM for a family with a newborn is not a party – for most!
If NoiseAware notifies you of excessive noise, you check Ring to see if a party is starting in real-time.
Send a quick text about the quiet hours, and you're likely to resolve 95% of all problems. And this isn't just a guess, the team at NoiseAware has tested it out.

What about that other 5%?

Do you call the police? It depends. Every company has there own protocols.Here are some ideas for responding to parties in your vacation rental
  • Go to the property and take a picture, you'll need this for insurance

  • Consider looking into security companies and share the cost with other hosts (larger markets)

  • Go to police

Some property owners and managers will go to the location, but this can be dangerous.

So, should you be focused on how to prevent Airbnb parties now?

One of the easiest ways to reduce your risk is setting a two-night minimum. NoiseAware found a 36% decrease in noise when guests did this. Usually, a party is only one night! If you take away the ability to party, guests go elsewhere. 
For that extra peace of mind, I think NoiseAware is awesome. Preventing 95% of problems with a simple notification and messages takes a ton of stress off your shoulders. It's also pretty satisfying to watch the NoiseAware levels go down after a quiet reminder text is sent out! 
Want to check it out? Right now, they are offering 10% off to the Get Paid For Your Pad community! 
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