Providing Acess to Your Airbnb Listing

Providing Acess to Your Airbnb Listing

Providing access to your Airbnb listing

One of the benefits of staying with a hotel is the peace-of-mind knowing there is always someone there to help you, usually 24/7. Even two and three-star hotels have someone at the front desk to aid your arrival, departure and everything in between. So how do you compete with that? What can you do to provide a similar service as an Airbnb host without actually being there?

Access and Lost Keys

One of the most common reasons a guest needs front desk assistance during their stay is for losing their key. By finding a solution to the greatest need, you reduce your guest’s chance of requiring assistance during their stay. It’s a mindful step for an Airbnb host. An easy way to combat this challenge is by making duplicate sets of keys, as in five or six sets. Playing it safe is important.

You’ll need one set for yourself, a set for your guest and a set for your property manager all the time. This covers the basics. You may want to offer your guests several sets (if there are friends this can be convenient). You will want a back up in the event you lose your set, and a back up in the event the guest loses their set(s). Stranger things have happened. It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared. Give one of the back up sets to a neighbor or relative close by. This is a great way to come to your guest’s aid without actually having to come to your guest’s aid. Being ready for anything shows the guest you are a reliable Airbnb host and will translate to a positive experience in the end.

Keyless Entry

Another fabulous way to avoid access challenges is by installing a keyless entry system. These can run on both a key and a code system. The code is emailed to the guest, providing them with access to your Airbnb space worry-free. With this system, you can rest easy knowing your guests are void of access issues and in the end, it will save a lot of hassle on those late nights coming in from the bars. You can pick a keyless entry system up at most hardware stores. They are easy to install and easy to change the code as well.

Here are some great keyless entry system options.

Electronic locks

ResortLock ($299 – $399): good but expensive. Common in the VR segment. Requires a complete reinstallation of the lock.

Lockitron ($179): backordered for 3 months due to production problems. fits on most existing cylindrical residential dead-bolt style locks.

Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt ($199) Widely available online. Integrates with the Nexia Home Intelligence system which includes wireless cameras, dimmer modules and thermostats (except the Nest).

Open Sesame ($89, pre-order): the newest addition to the “smart lock” niche. Comes with cool options such as voice control and controlling who gets access and who doesn’t.

Being an Airbnb host just keeps getting easier. We love hearing from you! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the space below.


  1. Joel says:

    I would add smart locks to this list, not only a key code but the ability to open a lock remotely from anywhere with a smart phone and even being able to change access codes on the fly. Plus you could set up a notification so you know that your guests have been able to access the space.

  2. Jasper says:

    Good point Joel, I just added a really cool one to the list!

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