Let’s say you really enjoy renting your own property on Airbnb, and you’ve discovered that you’re quite good at it. It would be awesome to expand your portfolio and become a full-time property manager… But without the capital to guarantee property owners a set income, it can be difficult to talk landlords into letting you list their property on Airbnb. Enter Rented.com.

Harvard graduate Andrew McConnell is the CEO of Rented, a marketplace that connects property owners with a network of 1,000 short-term rental managers all over the world. Through its dedicated rental capital fund, the platform takes on the financial commitment for property managers, providing landlords with guaranteed income as their corporate tenant. Rented currently retains $100M worth of leases in 60 countries on six continents.

Today Andrew explains the premise behind the platform, discussing how an ambitious Airbnb host might leverage the capital provided by Rented to scale a property management business. He shares the benefits of the Rented marketplace for property owners and property managers alike, offering insight into the company’s win-win philosophy. Listen in and learn how to register as a property manager on the platform and increase your conversion rate by as much as 5X!

Topics Covered

The premise behind Rented

  • Connect property owners with short-term rental managers
  • Dedicated rental capital fund guarantees income to owner

The benefits of Rented for property managers

  • Grow portfolio faster, easier
  • Rented assumes financial commitment
  • 3-5X conversion rate
  • Manage on commission

The benefits of Rented for property owners

  • Guaranteed income
  • Less work on your part
  • Well maintained home

Rented’s contract duration

  • 3-month minimum
  • 98% at least one year
  • Up to ten years

The Rented business philosophy

  • Transactions only happen when all three parties better off

How property managers can sign up

  • Visit the website to register
  • Paired with account manager

What happens if short-term rental regulations change

  • Contract is void if new laws limit, prevent short-term rental

Connect with Andrew


Email admin@rented.com


The Rented Report 2018

‘Airbnbusiness’ in Curbed

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