Getting an email from an outraged guest with multiple complaints can be jarring, especially if your previous guests have had nothing but good things to say about your listing. Your instinct might be to defend your property and inform the guest that they are being unreasonable—but what will that accomplish, really?

Jasper is joined by David Jacoby, Co-founder and President of Hostfully, to share their expertise in dealing with unhappy guests. David discusses his recent experience with a full house over the New Year holiday, and Jasper relates the story of his most difficult Airbnb encounter, an outraged guest who threatened to have his listing removed from the platform! They offer their best advice on how to handle difficult situations and manage guest expectations through an accurate listing.

David and Jasper also cover the confusion around whether or not booking for a friend or family member is allowed on Airbnb as well as the confusing story of a New Year’s party held in an Ohio Airbnb—with the host present! Listen in and learn how to prevent difficult experiences with high-maintenance guests and remain professional when challenging situations do arise.

Topics Covered

Article #1: Airbnb CEO: More Than 3 Million People Are Using the Service on New Year’s, Compared to 1,400 Just Eight Years Ago

  • Increase of 1M from 2016 to 2017

Article #2: Airbnb Bans Renter Who Threw Raucous New Year’s Party

  • Guest rented room in home (Cleveland suburb)
  • Charged $5 cover, 250 people
  • Host locked himself in bedroom

Topic #1: What is the best way to handle unhappy or difficult guests?

  • Consider offering credit if issue is minor (e.g.: lack of hot water)
  • Take feedback seriously, even if it seems unreasonable
  • Respond in a professional manner
  • Make improvements when possible (i.e.: lighting, wiring)
  • Mention potential negatives in listing (e.g.: fish store on street)
  • Contact Airbnb, they have been known to refund hosts

Topic #2: Is it okay to book for friends or family members on Airbnb?

  • Travel Help article says guest must book themselves
  • Airbnb customer service gave contradictory information

Resources Mentioned


Winding Tree


The Bee Token



Article #1:

Article #2:


Hostfully Blog: Funniest Complaints

Airbnb Travel Help Booking Policy

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