If you’ve read or seen Eat, Pray, Love, you’ve probably considered vacationing on the beaches of Bali. René Theil fell in love with Indonesia long before Julia Roberts, and he has owned his own ‘little escape’ on the island for 17 years. When he wasn’t using the property, he rented it out to friends and friends of friends.

In 2011, René was living in Hong Kong, and he had just started both a business and a family. With fewer and fewer opportunities to use the vacation home himself, he decided to renovate the villa in Sanur and list it on Airbnb. Now René is scaling up, managing five properties in Bali—with nine more on the horizon in the coming year.

René has been a Superhost for the last ten quarters, and today he is sharing his vast experience with the Get Paid for Your Pad Audience. He explains the process of leasing a villa in a country where foreigners are not allowed to own land and the concept of having a staff, which is common in Bali. Listen in for René’s insight on providing guests with a stellar under-the-roof experience and leveraging technology to manage multiple properties remotely!

Topics Covered

The lucrative vacation rental market in Bali

How René got into hosting

  • Purchased vacation home in Sanur
  • Rented to friends, friends of friends
  • Renovated for safety to list on Airbnb
  • Perfect space for family, two couples

How René is scaling up

  • Expanded to five properties
  • Adding nine in new year
  • Started managing friends’ investments
  • Leverages technology to scale up

René’s insight around investing in Bali as a foreigner

  • Not allowed to own land
  • Can buy villa on 35 + 15 lease hold agreement
  • Option to extend once lease term is up
  • Landowner not obliged to extend, but usually do

What René has learned as a host in Bali

  • Focus on under-the-roof guest experience
  • Replicate five-star hotel service

The concept of a staffed villa

  • Common in Bali to have staff
  • Make breakfast, shop, babysit, etc.
  • Guests grow into comfort of having staff
  • Staff won’t disturb if guests want privacy

How René manages remotely from Hong Kong

  • Very colorful Outlook calendar
  • Uses Vreasy to sync calendars, communicate

Connect with René

 Keys to Bali



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