Airbnb in Cape Town: Stay with Featured Host Babett

Airbnb in capetown

Airbnb in Cape Town: Stay with Featured Host Babett

Why did you become an Airbnb host?

I've been an Airbnb host since 2016. I started hosting because I love hospitality, I enjoy welcoming guests in my home and sharing my neighborhood with them. Cape town has so many amazing restaurants, and a lot of them are within walking distance of my listing. I always look forward to welcoming new guests to my Airbnb in Cape Town. It's the City of my Heart!

Tell us about your best experience with guests

I am fortunate to have hosted so many lovely guests and have had plenty of great experiences. It's hard to pick one, but some of my most memorable moments include getting flowers and chocolate from guests, rescuing stranded guests and picnics on top of Table Mountain. It's been a fantastic ride!

What about your worst experience?

I haven't had a lot of bad experiences so far (knock on wood!) The worst one was probably finding an iron burn on the couch. That really made me feel mad, but since it's only one negative experience it hasn't deterred me from hosting on Airbnb.

What is your best advice to new hosts?

Always require copies of the guest's ID or passports pre-arrival. This makes me feel comfortable that my guests aren't going to break my house rules and it's reassuring to know who's staying at my property. In the end, it's my home and I have the right to know who is using it.

airbnb in Cape Town

What tools or software do you use to manage your listings?

I use Beyond Pricing to automatically push prices to my Airbnb listing. They optimize my prices according to demand, which helps me make more revenue. Also, because they update the prices daily, my calendar is always updated. This helps rank my listing higher in the search results. I can't recommend them enough!

If you were to start over again, what would you have done differently?

I wish I would have started with Beyond Pricing earlier. It saves me so much time and it has increased my income, I easily make back the 1% of my revenue that they charge. It's really a win-win.

What do Babett's guests have to say

A great apartment in a very trendy area of Cape Town, close to all attractions, restaurants and cafes. The apartment is clean and well furnished with a super fast internet connection. Babett was a great host with lots of helpful tips to share and even gave some great advice on yoga classes which I really appreciated! I would definitely recommend this apartment for a holiday in Cape Town. – Gerhan

Babett is an awesome host. We were stranded in Cape Town without an Airbnb apartment and she took us in spontaneously. The apartment has a great location to explore the city and is equipped with everything important. Babett was to be reached continuously and gave us tips and brought us dish towels and wine glasses. At our arrival Babett had provided bread, butter, wine and milk. We enjoyed the time very much and would always come back! – Eve

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