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Co-Host Market Review: A Marketplace for Property Managers and Owners

Co-Host Market Review: A Marketplace for Property Managers and Owners



Ease of Use


cohost market


  • Great for property managers looking for business
  • Also great for owners looking to outsource
  • Easy to navigate


  • More hosts than owners

Summary: Co-Host Market is a marketplace solution for both owners and property managers. Ever since Airbnb removed its co-host market feature, it's been harder for owners to find property managers and vice versa. This platform makes it easy for property managers to find owners that don't want the hassle of managing their own listings.

One of the hardest things about being a property manager is finding owners. After Airbnb removed its co-host market feature, there was virtually nowhere online that property managers and owners could easily find each other (including ratings, response time, etc.). Without Airbnb tools to help, everyone was just left to make it on their own.

Without a marketplace, it's hard for property owners to find vetted property managers with reviews from past clients. How do you know who to trust with your property?

Also, property managers who are working strictly on a word-of-mouth basis could get far more business and scale their operations more quickly…if only they had a platform to find their perfect matches.

Co-host market empowers hosts to “bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life”. If you're a host, you'll have to go through a vetting process. Depending on which plan you take (from the free plan to the $149/year PRO plan), you'll get approved within 15 days or 24 hours, respectively.

Depending on how fast you wanna scale, you can use the free plan to contact 1 owner every day. Which is already 7 morea week than you had before. From there, you can choose to upgrade your plan, if you like the platform.

cohost market review

Setting yourself up as a property manager

co-host market review

The first step is to provide your personal information, including how long you've been a property manager for, how you describe yourself, and what kind of properties you manage. This is pretty standard and necessary for the owner to feel comfortable and get to know you a bit.

You can choose between charging a flat-rate service fee or a percentage of the booking. You can offer 3 packages and you can edit what each of them entails with full flexibiliy:

cohost market review

It's useful to have 3 different packages, that way the owners can choose (and you don't have to make custom proposals for each). For instance, maybe you just want to be a virtual host and manage all the online stuff. Or, for an large cut of the profit, you can do EVERYTHING for the owner.

All they have to do is collect the check. As an example, once you fill them out, they look something like this:

cohost market review

Your property manager profile

Once you've set everything up, you'll have a profile that owners can find and request you to manage their unit for them. Your profile looks something like this:

cohost market review

People can either directly reserve your services or contact you to talk. You can also go on the platform and find owners there who have listed their properties. From there, you can reach out to them yourself. It's the first marketplace of this kind since Airbnb took theirs off the website.

CoHost Market for Owners

If you're an owner of a property and you're looking for someone to handle the property management workload, this is also a great platform for you. At the time of writing this review, there were a lot more property managers than there are owners, so you'll have your pick of the litter.

You just need to upload some information about you and your listing (with a photo of your listing) and then find someone who meets your needs. You can filter your search based on the specific services you're looking for (full-service from marketing, cleaning to check-in, or just someone on-site to do the check-in?).

Best part? It's free for owners.

It’s free to create a profile, message cohost and post a specific job requirement. You only have to pay a fee if you want to use payment through the app.

cohost market review

This is a good, customizable platform, which is especially good for people who don't have that many connections in the STR industry.

You can easily start making income on your side property without having to go crazy finding the right property manager. You get options for how much control you have over the property management. From only needing some extra help with check-in, or from handing off all the work to someone else…it/s all your choice.

Alternatively, you can grow your property management quickly with this platform at your hands.