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NoiseAware Review: Safeguard Your Airbnb Against Noise Complaints

NoiseAware Review: Safeguard Your Airbnb Against Noise Complaints



Ease of Use


 Noiseaware review


  • Great tool for security
  • Subtle and easy to install
  • 24/7 property monitoring


  • Expensive if you're a “hosted” host


The initial investment of an Indoor and Outdoor sensor is a  when you think about the potential for thousands of dollars worth of property damage.  You can get setup for just $199, which includes an indoor noise sensor with a one year subscription. That is less than $1 per day to give you peace of mind and prevent potential damages to your property. It's a wonderful Airbnb tool to protect your property.

What is NoiseAware?

NoiseAware is a privacy-safe smart home solution that protects your property(s) inside and outside. The Indoor and Outdoor Sensors monitor noise levels at your property and will alert you through your Dashboard or Mobile App when the noise levels go over your set thresholds.

The sensors are easy to install; it only takes 5-10 minutes. Once the Indoor Sensor connects to your WiFi, your sensor begins reporting and sends it to your dashboard for real-time alerts.

On your NoiseAware Dashboard, you can set different thresholds for noise levels at each property so you can be alerted when the noise levels exceed your thresholds. The power is in your hands!

When you get an alert, it's best to notify your guests immediately. Most of the time, the guests aren't aware that they are causing a lot of noise. A simple, friendly message informing your guests of the violation will do in most cases. 75% of noise violations are resolved within 15 minutes and cause no harm.

100% Privacy-Safe.png

NoiseAware Features

Easy Set-up and Installation

You want to install your sensors in areas called ”Activity Zones.“ These are the places where guests are most likely to congregate and cause noise levels to go over your set thresholds. The best places typically tend to be in the living room, on the patio, near the pool/hot tub.

Once you set up your sensors in your Dashboard, you can start monitoring your noise levels at your property.

NoiseAware_DesignAsset (9).png 

Dashboard Management

For property managers/owners who have multiple properties, the dashboard and mobile app make it easy to check in on each property without having to physically be there. Your properties are all displayed in a single Dashboard, so you can add as many properties as you need. With the ease of the mobile app, you can get alerted when you are running around town.

When you want to look at all of the sensors at a single property, the graph for that specific property will display each sensor in different colors. It allows you to see what area the noise is coming from.

24/7 property monitoring and historical data

You can customize the setting of your sensors, within the NoiseAware Dashboard to monitor your property, while you are able to focus on other property management tasks. If you need to look back on data from a specific day, the dashboard stores all of your historical data. You can access it anytime, from anywhere with the mobile app.

NoiseAware (3).png


NoiseAware clocks offers two pricing models:

1) Apartment/Condo Solution: Indoor noise monitoring with one year subscription ($199)

2) Single-Family Home Solution: Indoor and outdoor noise monitoring with one year subscription ($299)