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RemoteLock Review: Manage Access to Your Property Remotely

RemoteLock Review: Manage Access to Your Property Remotely



Ease of Use



  • Removes the hassle of check-in
  • No need to be on-site
  • Added security


  • Sometimes goes offline

Summary: RemoteLock is among the great Airbnb tools for hosts who don't live in the same location as their listing. It's a lock that you physically install on your door, which uses a code instead of a key to let people inside. The code is regenerated with any guest so it's totally secure.

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RemoteLock is a leader in cloud-based  access control that has created an internet platform allowing users to control access to any door remotely, giving hosts the ability to automatically provide access to their guests. 

This is a great tool for hosts managing multiple properties and for those who have listings abroad. In this RemoteLock review, you'll learn about the features, benefits, as well as how it works.

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RemoteLock Features


RemoteLock smart locks are internet controlled, so Airbnb hosts and property managers can easily create, delete and manage lock codes from their phone or computer and provide scheduled access codes to guests prior to their arrival.

Through a direct partnership, RemoteLock is integrated with Airbnb so you can manage guest access within the Airbnb booking system itself.of ma  


One of the many great features is the ability to connect your Airbnb account to your RemoteLock account. By connecting accounts, any approved Airbnb bookings will be automatically sent to your RemoteLock account and trigger a code creation. After the Airbnb booking confirmation is sent, a separate templated email will be sent to your guest with their bespoke access code and instructions on how to use the lock.


For hosts with multiple properties or listings abroad, security can often be a concern. The wi-fi enabled Smart Lock is connected to your existing internet routers making it possible to manage access to your properties remotely. 

You can provide scheduled access to guests and staff, and receive alerts when someone has unlocked your door or a code has been used ensuring you are aware of all movements at your property.


RemoteLocks are available in a variety of different styles and finishes to match the design and specific needs of your property. You can browse the available styles on the RemoteLock website, and if you find a lock that suits you, you can save $25 by using code GP25.


RemoteLock is a great tool for hosts remotely managing properties locally and abroad. You can easily provide access to guests and staff without the hassle of key exchanges and lower the risk of unauthorised entry giving you added peace of mind.