March 21, 2022

Top Locations to Invest in Short-Term Rentals in the US (Ep457)

Plenty of markets have emerged as large players since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the ability to work remotely, more people are expanding outside […]
March 18, 2022

Industry Update – AirDNA, Placemakr, and Transparent Acquisitions (Ep456)

On the last episode of STR Conversations, Eric and I spoke about why we gave our team a budget to book a unique stay on Airbnb. […]
March 14, 2022

How to Dominate Your Short-Term Rental Market (Ep455)

The short-term rental (STR) industry is incredibly dynamic and always changing. If you are not constantly adapting as a business owner, you’ll get left behind. So […]
March 11, 2022

Freewyld Updates & Learning Lessons (Ep454)

Last September, Eric and I started building Freewyld, our new short-term rental brand. And to start, we took over an existing Airbnb business—four cabins on three […]
March 7, 2022

Email Marketing Tips for Airbnb Hosts to Drive Direct Bookings (Ep453)

Do you ever wonder what is the most efficient way to market to your guests? We’ll give you the answer: it’s email. Email marketing can seem […]
March 4, 2022

Scale Your Hosting Business with the VOS System (Ep452)

How do you scale a short-term rental business? The answer seems obvious, right? You simply take on more and more listings. But adding listings willy-nilly is […]
February 28, 2022

From 15 to 50 Airbnbs in One Year (Ep451)

Trying to grow a short-term rental (STR) company in a pandemic might not seem ideal, but the truth is that the industry is blossoming. Believe it […]
February 21, 2022

Build Your Hosting Business by Being the STR Expert in Your Market (Ep449)

Starting your own short-term rental business is probably not going to be an overnight success. So how can you stay motivated to put time into relationship […]
February 14, 2022

Building Your STR Brand Through B2B Marketing (Ep448)

Networking. Cold calling. Search engine optimization. There are a lot of ways to build your short-term rental business, but how can you succeed in B2B marketing […]
February 11, 2022

Q&A from the Training – More Listings, Higher Profits (Ep447)

How should you plan for the growth of your short-term rental business? How do you keep your guest connections personal and successfully scale your business? Is […]
February 7, 2022

The Hottest Places to Invest in Property for the Short-Term Rental Market in 2022 (Ep446)

The most important thing to consider when making a real estate investment is location. Location not only determines the daily revenue of your property but also […]
February 4, 2022

Legends X Enrollment Is Open (Ep445)

Completion rates for online courses are as little as 4%. The Legends X Short-Term Rental Accelerator has not only a 100% completion rate but also a […]
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