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podcast overview

Podcast Overview

Host Stories & Tips

​Airbnb Tools

EP001 – Overcoming Hosting Fear, Leaving Review Responses, and Interview w/ Kris Hawkins, Airbnb host in Calgary

EP002 – Pictures, Competitive Airbnb Regions, and Interview w/ Allie Rapp

EP003 – Interview w/ Glenn Cooley, founder of the New Host Forum

EP004 – Guest Interaction, Interview w/ Kevin Koskella, Airbnb host from San Diego

EP005 – Airbnb Hosting in Las Vegas

EP006 – Interview w/ Kelly Kampen, Airbnb host in Bangkok, Thailand

EP007 – Interview w/ Airbnb Host Shara Johnson from Nederland, Colorado

EP009: Airbnb Legal Guru Pieter Schols Talks About Hosting In Amsterdam

EP010: Rochelle Short, Author of Letting People In and Airbnb host in Seattle

EP013: Airbnb Superhost Kimberley Barker Nightingale From Buffalo, New York

EP014: Interview with Penny Sadler from Dallas

EP015: Real Estate Guru Taylor White Shares Amazing Tips And Advice on buying property abroad

EP016: Interview w/ Aaron Kulbe, Airbnb host in Portland, Orego

EP028: Hospitality Consultant Alexander Van Dijl Shares Great Airbnb hosting advice

EP029: Hosting on Airbnb in Chicago with Joe Anhalt

EP030: Kyle Bowman, Founder of Evermore, Shares His Airbnb Hosting experiences

EP034: A Life Changing Airbnb Experience with Kimberley Barker

EP041: Erik Paquet, Co-Founder of Abroaders.com, Talks Travel Hacking and Airbnb opportunities

EP042: Airbnb Superhost Nada Di Guida From Italy Shares Her Secrets on Airbnb hosting

EP044: Superhost Pol McCann From Sydney Shares His Best Tips On Airbnb hosting

EP045: Joshua Tree National Park Airbnb Hosting w/ Cliff Tang

EP046: Sydney Airbnb Hosting With Steven Ryan

EP047: Airbnb Hosting in Miami with Calixto Navarro

EP048: Managing a Startup House in San Francisco on Airbnb with Lauren Kelley

EP049: Airbnb Hosting in Lake Atitlan, Guatamala, with Jeanne M

EP050: Chris Backe, Established Author and Travel Enthusiast, Talks Airbnb in Thailand

EP054: Huzefa’s Inaugural Airbnb Hosting Experience

EP056: Airbnb Hosting in Omaha, Nebraska, with Megan Hunt

EP057: When your Guest Has to Spend a Night in the Drunk Tank

EP058: Airbnb Hosting in Oxford with Victoria Folk

EP061: Airbnb Hosting in Melbourne, Australia with Annie Luu

EP063: Airbnb Hosting in Tokyo while Teaching English with Gabb

EP065: Airbnb NYC: Evelyn Badia Talks about Hosting and Legisla​tion

EP068: Airbnb Hosting in New York with Seth Porges

EP074: Airbnb Hosting in Austin with Melanie Haber

EP075: Airbnb Hosting in Freiburg with Melanie Hafner

EP076: How to be an Airbnb Superhost in Montreal with Chris Hendricks

EP078: Airbnb Hosting in Edinburgh with John Kerr

EP079: Stay at Home Mom Makes $2500 a Month With Airbnb

EP081: With Chistopher and Sally Chilton from Simple Hospitality

EP082: Remote Hosting in Buenos Aires with Amy Scott

EP088: How Sandy Uses Airbnb To Travel The World

EP089: An Airbnb Yogi Lake Cabin Retreat In Mont-Tremblant

EP090: Real Estate Expert Kemi Egan Shares Tips for Airbnb Host

EP091: Airbnb hosting in Berlin with Fabian Dittrich 

EP092: Airbnb Hosting in Adelaide with Phil Spyrou Part I

EP093: Airbnb Hosting in Adelaide with Phil Spyrou Part II

EP094: Airbnb Hosting in Washington DC with Cristina Amoruso

EP099: Hosting over 400 guests on Airbnb in San Francisco

EP103: Hands-on hosting in New York city with Chris

EP105: When Things Don’t Go As Planned With Sim Singh

EP106: Airbnb Hosting in Taiwan with Angela Huang

EP107: Tips from Airbnb Superhost Hao Tran

EP114: How to Setup Multiple Airbnbs Across the World

EP115: China’s #1 Superhost Shares Her Airbnb Secrets

EP127: Airbnb Hosting Tips from a Superhost and a Side Hustler

EP133: When Your Guests Hold a Wedding at Your Airbnb

EP137: How Two Brits Rode the Short Rent Revolution and Lived t​o tell the tale

EP145: When Your Guests Throw a Frat Party at Your Airbnb

EP149: Airbnb Hosting Tips From The Laptop Landlord

EP161: Lessons Learned From 7 Years of Airbnb Hosting in Taipei

EP163: A Hostfully Host in Venice Beach

EP173: Short Stay Rental Pioneer Shares Insights from Two Decades of hosting

EP215: Superhost in Bali Shares Airbnb Tips

EP227: Airbnb Tips from an Austin Superhost

EP035: Automatic Pricing for Your Airbnb Listing with Ian McHenry, Co-founder of Beyond Pricing

EP036: With Scott Shatford, Founder of AirDnA

EP055: Kelly Kampen Introduces TravelersChat

EP060: w/ David Ordal, CEO of Automated Pricing App Everbooked

EP064: w/ Ian McHenry from Beyond Pricing

EP071: With Andrew Kitchell, Founder and CEO of PriceMethod

EP072: w/ Nedda Toofer and Vik Thairani, co-founders of TINE tag

EP077: How To Share Your Local Recommendation With Your Airbnb Guests

EP085: Creating Amazing Guidebooks with Andy McNulty of Touchstay

EP098: How to create digital guidebooks with Hostfully

EP112: Fill up gaps in your Airbnb calendar with Overnight

EP119: Save Time and Streamline your Communication with Aviva I​Q

EP123: Improve Your Guest Experience With YourWelcome

EP125: Save Time and Improve Your Listing’s Performance with Smartbnb

EP181: Hospitality Insights from a Superhost and Co-Founder of GuestBook

EP191: Down Payments for Airbnb Hosts

EP196: Roamlocal: How Airbnb Hosts Can Work with Local Business

EP210: How To Manage Multiple Listings with AirGMS

EP221: Manage Your Airbnb Listings on Your Mobile Phone with Your Porter App

EP250: Protect Your Airbnb from Parties with Noiseaware

EP251: Luggage Storage for Airbnb Guests with Knock Knock City

EP253: Smartlocks for Airbnb hosts with RemoteLock CEO Nolan Mondrow 

EP259: Build Your Own Vacation Rental Website with Lodgify

Airbnb Entrepreneur


EP 021: Creating a Business Renting Apartments to List Them on Airbnb With Diego Coria From Buenos Aires

EP043: Airbnb Hosting In Los Angeles With David Dolce

EP051: Elvina Beck is the Owner of The Podshare in LA and has Hosted Airbnb Founders

EP053: Managing 14 Airbnb Listings in Chicago with Anwar Shabaz

EP059: Using Airbnb as a Business in Sydney with Aly Michaels

EP096: Running a Vacation Rental Business in Panama with Matt Landau

EP143: A Comedian Walks into an Airbnb

EP151: How to Use Airbnb to Facilitate a Business Accelerator

EP175: How to Integrate Airbnb in Your Real Estate Business

EP177: Providing Airbnb as an Amenity for Residents in Apartment Buildings

EP185: How to Turn Your Backyard into Cash Renting Log Cabins on Airbnb

EP193: How to Become an Airbnb Entrepreneur

EP200: A Serial Airbnb Entrepreneur from Lafayette

EP247: How to Setup Eye-Catching Airbnbs on a Budget

EP256: How to Run an Airbnb Co-Hosting Business

EP261: Running Three Luxury Vacation Rental Villas in Palm Springs 

EP011: Real Estate in Las Vegas with Deven Chase

EP052: Paula Pant, CEO at AffordAnything.com, Shares her Experience with Airbnb in Atlanta

EP083: Real Estate Investing Using Airbnb With Glenn Carter

EP110: What you should know before you buy property with Zeona

EP141: Airbnb Investing Oppertunities in Central Europe

EP157: Jasper’s Airbnb Investment Updates

EP167: How to Provide the Ultimate Sleeping Experience for Your Guests

EP206: Investing in Airbnb Properties in Medellín

EP208: Short-Term Rental Investing in the UK

EP223: The Bee Token: Decentralized Home Sharing Network

EP231: How to Expand Your Airbnb Portfolio with Rented.com

Ep238: Airbnb Investment Opportunities in Puerto Rico

EP241: Danish Man Loses $100,000 in Real Estate Scam in Colombia

EP246: Investing in Airbnb in Ivory Coast

EP262: Update on my short term rental investments


Airbnb Strategy 

EP017: Jasper’s Story, from Quitting His job to Renting Out on Airbnb

EP022: Using Airbnb In South America With Travel Expert Renate Rigters Who Has That Wanderlust

EP023: Travel Expert Nomadic Matt Shares His Experiences With Airbnb And Why He Uses It For His Travels

EP025: Financial Coach Austin Netzley Shares His Experiences From Staying At Over 50 Airbnb Places

EP027: Travel Blogger Brianna Simmons Talks About her Hosting Experience in Virginia Beach

EP033: Danny Flood Talks Airbnb and the Sharing Economy

EP069: Staying at Over 60 Airbnbs with Michael and Larissa Milne

EP116: Creating Personal Freedom Using Airbnb

EP117: How Digital Nomads Use Airbnb

EP165: Airbnb & Lifestyle Tips from The Suitcase Entrepreneur

EP258: Matt Ward on Airbnb, Digital Nomading and Life Hacking 

EP024: Airbnb’s Head of Hospitality, Chip Conley, Divulges His Best Advice For Airbnb Hosts

EP032: The Five Most Common Mistakes Airbnb Hosts Make

EP073: How to Get More Airbnb Bookings with Sean D’Souza

EP087: Most Common Mistakes That Airbnb Hosts Make

EP108: Building your Airbnb Brand with Airbnb Expert Susan Doug

EP129: The Importance of Diversifying Your Airbnb Business

EP171: Long-Term Rental vs. Airbnb

EP204: Hosting Bridal Parties at ‘The Ohio City Getaway’

EP212: The Power of Under-Promising and Over-Delivering

Property Management


EP012: Airbnb and Property Management in Medellin with Andrew Campion

EP020: Short Stay Management Company Owner Nanne Veenstra Explains How His Company Helps Airbnb Hosts

EP040: Jodie Willmer, Founder of Guest Ready, Talks About Airbnb Hosting In Melbourne

EP066: w/ Ali Ben Lmadani, Co-founder of EasyGuests

Ep121: Hosting Tips from the Largest Airbnb Concierge Service in Amsterdam

EP229: How to Manage Multiple Airbnb Listings

Ep236: Building a Real Estate and Property Management Business in Colombia with Rich Holman

EP242: How To Manage Over 100 Airbnb Listings With AirManaged

EP248: How to Grow Your Airbnb Management Company 

EP267: CEO of Guest Ready explains how to manage 1000+ propertiesEP267: CEO of Guest Ready explains how to manage 1000+ properties

EP019: Corporate Law Experts Explore and Explain the Convoluted Legal Issues Surrounding Airbnb Hosting

EP026: CEO and founder of Urban Flat talks about his experience with Airbnb

EP097: Airbnb Regulation in San Francisco Explained with Bruce Bennet

EP131: Airbnb Regulations in London Explained

EP139 Airbnb Regulations in New York Explained

EP183: Las Vegas Licensing Process for Short Term Rentals Explained

Turnover & Cleaning

Taxes & Accounting

EP067: Airbnb Cleaning Service Tips w/ Kyle Gesuelli From Handy

EP084: How to Arrange Smooth Airbnb Turnovers Remotely With Properly

EP153: How to Arrange a Perfect Airbnb Turnover and Cleaning

EP189: How to Optimize Your Airbnb Turnovers

EP252: How to Manage and Train Your Cleaners

EP255: What You Don't Know About Cleaning

EP008: Tax Implications For Airbnb Hosts With Vincenzo Villamena

EP062: Tax Advice for Airbnb Hosts in the US with Derek Davis

Ep237: How to Minimise Your Airbnb Taxes with Miguel Centeno

Interior Design

STR Platforms

EP169: How to Close the Gap For Your Airbnb Guests

EP225: Interior Design Tips for Airbnb Hosts

EP245: How to Integrate Art in Your Airbnb

EP101: Racial discrimination on Airbnb led Rohan Gilkes to create alternative platform Innclusive

EP155: Airbnb vs. HomeAway and VRBO

EP219: Cryptocribs, the Airbnb for Crypto Currency Users

Listing Management

Social media

EP113: How to Optimize Your Listing and Get More Bookings

EP179: How to Effectively Screen Your Airbnb Guests

Ep240: How to Optimise your Airbnb Calendar

EP198: How to Use Facebook to Enhance Your Airbnb Business

EP263: How to use Social Media to Market your Airbnb


EP039: The Sharing Economy: Meal Sharing, Car Sharing, Dog Sitting and More

EP135: The Airbnb Story with Leigh Gallagher

EP147: Airbnb Experiences

EP159: Safety Tips for Female Airbnb Hosts

EP187: Amsterdam’s Biggest Airbnb Critic

EP249: Advocating Friendly Short Term Rental Regulations

EP254: Airbnb Plus: Should you Apply?

EP257: Airbnb to Hide Guest´s Profile Pictures before Booking

EP260: Airbnb SEO – How to Rank Higher and Drive More Bookings

EP265: Airbnb Plus Hosting in Melbourne

EP266: Outdoorsy: The Airbnb for RVs