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13 Factors to Rank Better on Airbnb (Ep557)

Ranking well on Airbnb is essential for short-term rental hosts to increase bookings and revenue.

However, numerous factors can make achieving a higher ranking on the platform challenging.

The sheer number of listings, constantly changing algorithms, and ranking factors that determine search results, coupled with the competition from other hosts in the area, make it crucial to continually adjust your strategies to stay ahead.

So, what goes into ranking better on Airbnb?

Daniel Rusteen is a former Airbnb employee, author, Airbnb Superhost, and founder of the website and YouTube channel OptimizeMyBnb.com. He has been hosting guests on Airbnb for over a decade and has written several books on short-term rental hosting, including the soon to be released, Profitable Properties.

Today on “Get Paid for Your Pad,” Daniel joins Jasper to discuss how short-term rental hosts can improve their ranking on Airbnb and shares his insights on the 13 factors that determine search results and how hosts can adjust their strategies to stay ahead.

Listen in as Daniel shares his tips for improving your search ranking, dealing with negative reviews, and using “creative discounts” for single-night reservations. Plus, just for listeners, take advantage of his special offer for 50% off his new course on how to optimize your short-term rental business. Just use the code “GETPAID” at OptimizeMyBnb.com to get started. This offer launches in one month, so don't forget to sign up for Daniel's newsletter for the alert!

Topics Covered

  • The importance of knowing Airbnb's search algorithm to improve your listing's search rank
  • From the number of reviews to returning guests, Daniel walks us through the key metrics for Airbnb hosts
  • Daniel walks us through the key factors that affect search rank flexibility
  • Daniel shares the concept of “flexible listings”
  • From the importance of high-quality photos to response times, Daniel walks us through top to bottom best practices for hosts
  • How hosts can get negative reviews removed
  • How to use “creative discounts” to charge more for single-night reservations
  • How to optimize your pricing strategy based on market demand
  • The benefits of having a strong online presence for direct bookings
  • How to get 50% off Daniel's new course on how to optimize your short-term rental business

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50% discount code: GPFYP2023

Properties: How to Find, Optimize, Price, & Book Direct any Short-Term Rental Investment for Year-Round Occupancy

EP113: How to Optimize Your Listing and Get More Bookings

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