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$1740 in One Day on Peerspace??? (Ep506)

Right now, many property owners and managers are looking into ways to expand their bookings for the slow season ahead.

So, how can we monetize our rental spaces outside of Airbnb and expand our bottom lines?

Jackie Nedin is the CEO of PHX STAYS, specializing in Arizona vacation rentals and boutique style management with properties in Chandler, Phoenix, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Queen Creek, Sun Lakes, and Scottsdale. With award-winning interiors and details that celebrate what’s unique about every city, PHX STAYS is bringing enriched experiences to their guest and property owners.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Jackie joins me to talk about how a bad month for her STR properties, combined with an email from Get Paid for Your Pad, led her to try listing her properties on Peerspace.

She shares the unique features of her most popular property and how her ‘drive right in’ spirit led her to a $6K return in one month from the Peerspace site.

Listen in as Jackie shares the types of events for which her spaces have been used and what kinds of rentals work best in the Peerspace marketplace. Plus, her advice for those in the STR space looking to list their properties on Peerspace.

Topics Covered

  • What prompted Jackie to get into the STR space and Peerspace
  • What niches work best with Peerspace
  • Why not every space is a good fit for Peerspace
  • The array of uses Jackie’s properties have been used for through Peerspace
  • How rates and reviews work with Peerspace
  • The most important things to consider when you want to use your properties within Peerspace
  • What types of spaces are photographers looking for photoshoots
  • How Peerspace has changed the types of rental properties Jackie is seeking to invest in
  • How to get repeat guests on the Peerspace marketplace
  • Jackie’s advice for those looking to get into the Peerspace model
  • How Jackie and her team are planning to go forward with Peerspace

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PHX STAYS on Instagram 



How to Rent out spaces for events on Peerspace (EP470)

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