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Affordable Technology for Small Airbnb Hosts—with Henry Bennett (Ep418)

Short-term rental operators understand that technology helps automate certain aspects of our hosting business, saving time and streamlining our operations. But there are few tools that smaller Airbnb hosts can afford.

So, what is the ideal tech setup for STR hosts with five units or less?

Henry Bennett is the Cofounder and CEO of YourWelcome, a guest engagement tablet currently used in 15,000 STR properties. Henry and the YourWelcome team are in the process of launching PropertyCare, a complementary platform to automate guest engagement and manage STR cleaning and maintenance.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Henry joins me to explain why most STR tech is not created for small Airbnb hosts and how PropertyCare is addressing this gap in the market.

Henry describes what differentiates PropertyCare from PMS systems and how STR hosts can leverage the platform for post-stay marketing.

Listen in to understand why text messaging is the best way to communicate with guests (and how PropertyCare facilitates SMS) and find out what affordable technology options are available to small Airbnb hosts!

Topics Covered

Henry’s take: COVID changed the STR industry

  • Property managers looking to reduce costs
  • Difficult to find cleaners and maintenance staff

How Henry thinks about Chesky’s predicted BOOM in STRs

  • Record domestic bookings for ‘revenge travel’
  • Vacation rentals seen safer than hotels

What PropertyCare does to serve small Airbnb hosts

  • Set up cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • Automates guest communications
  • Comes with mobile number for unlimited texts
  • Affordably priced at $2 per property per month

What differentiates PropertyCare from a PMS

  • PMS = channel management and accounting
  • PropertyCare integrates with PMS systems

The gap in the market for tech that serves small Airbnb hosts

  • Most tech creates for big companies to scale fast
  • Hosts with 5-15 units underserved part of industry

Why SMS is the best way to communicate with guests

  • Quicker response than email
  • Creates personal relationships

How hosts benefit using PropertyCare

  • Leverage CRM to personalize post-stay marketing
  • Collect emails of ALL guests with advanced check-in

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