EP059: Using Airbnb as a Business in Sydney with Aly Michaels

EP059- Using Airbnb as a Business in Sydney with Aly Michaels

EP059: Using Airbnb as a Business in Sydney with Aly Michaels

Aly Michaels had been in real estate for years when she suddenly ran into to severe issues with some of her long term renters who refused to pay the rent. Looking for an alternative way to rent her properties, she decided to try Airbnb.

She's never looked back since and now has a total of nine listings on Airbnb. Aly runs her listings purely as a business and maintains a very professional stance. We talk about some of the issues she's had with her guests and also how she manages to run this many listings.

Show Notes

Check out Aly's Airbnb profile to find her listings.

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  1. Danny Jellis says:

    Amazing that with her prices and cleaning fee costs that her calendar is still well booked. Somewhat misleading listing that gives the impression the guest is getting a private apartment but according to the podcast, this is untrue.

  2. Bill says:

    This podcast should be re-titled “How NOT to use Airbnb as a business”. Or “Three simple ways to ensure that your business FAILS”:

    1. Provide a sub-standard product. Ms Michaels many appalling reviews and low ratings speak of dirty, disappointing and uncomfortable experiences.
    2. Mislead customers over pricing. Again, the reviews are full of dissatisfied guests who feel they were ripped off.
    3. Give an inadequate and unprofessional service. Once again, the reviews testify to this with the host’s rude and wholly unprofessional responses; guest complaints about lack of attention and care before and during their stay; and many cancellations.

    You don’t have to be a professional to guess what will be the result of running your business in this way. Unsurprisingly, Ms Michaels appears to have had only a handful of bookings over the past month and listings are less than 10% booked over the next 5 months. A salutary lesson indeed. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Ronnie says:

    I just started listening to your podcast this past month and I am shocked that Aly was on your show. I looked up her AirBnB reviews after the show as I found her to be slightly brass on your show as I was curious about her. $34 reviews are HORRENDOUS. The reviews are consistent about many things: lack of amenities, issues with uncleanliness, broken furniture, no hair dryer/broken hair dryer, no offering basic amenities like wifi, crazy late/early check in fees. How any guests does it take to replace the broken chair that every listing discusses?! Her responses are extremely rude, unprofessional, sarcastic, blames the guests, and she never accepts responsibility for either misleading her guests or for poor communication. She always references that she “doesn’t have a crystal ball” to know what her guests want. Guests have the right to a clean location without having to pay extra absurd fees for basic amenities like Wifi. As a host myself, I am shocked that AirBnB allowed her to list her apartments for that long. I was unable to see any of her properties so I hope that means she has been shut down.

    • Jasper says:

      Hi Ronnie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I realized Aly had a different view on hospitality than most people, I didn’t realized the reviews were that bad though. In any case, I think it’s always good to hear different perspectives, even if you don’t agree with them.

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