What to Do When Your Airbnb Guest Sues You (Ep379)

What to Do When Your Airbnb Guest Sues You (Ep379)

Even if you take every possible precaution, there’s still a chance that an Airbnb guest could get hurt on your property and sue you for negligence. That’s exactly what happened to Tamara Swager. So, how did she navigate such a stressful time? And what steps can you take to protect yourself should something similar happen to you?

Tamara is the Founder of Swag Hospitality, a short-term rental business out of Los Angeles County, California. She manages six properties, most of which are located in STR-friendly Long Beach, a perfect spot for travelers visiting attractions like Hollywood, Disney and Venice Beach. Tamara is also an Airbnb Plus host and active member of our STR Profit Academy.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Tamara joins me to share her unsettling experience with being sued by an Airbnb guest. She describes the incident that led to the lawsuit and walks us through the three-year process of providing information to counter the guest’s claims. Listen in for Tamara’s feedback on how Airbnb handled the situation and find out what you can do to protect yourself from litigation and prove that you’re a responsible short-term rental host.

Topics Covered

Why Tamara is crushing it right now

  • Disney reopening, moving into COVID orange tier
  • STR-friendly regulations finalized in Long Beach

The incident that led to Tamara being sued

  • Guest fell on last step walking to car at night
  • Driven to medical facility by husband

What happened after Tamara contacted Airbnb

  • Crawford & Company came out to take photos
  • Served papers 18 months into process
  • Airbnb assigned counsel on her behalf
  • Provided information to counter accusations
  • Case resolved after 3 nerve-wracking years

What Tamara has done to prevent future incidents

  • Already had integrated lighting on every step
  • Added reflective caution tape

Tamara’s feedback on how Airbnb handled the situation

  • Frustrating not to have point of contact
  • Attorney assigned to case very responsive
  • Case settled by Airbnb (didn’t use STR insurance)

The lessons Tamara learned from being sued by a guest

  • Limit personal liability by setting up LLC
  • Respond only after processing emotions
  • Have security cameras where legal to do so

How to demonstrate that you’re a responsible host

Tamara’s advice on securing short-term rental insurance

  • Do apples-to-apples comparison of policies
  • Work with homeowners to choose best option

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