Airbnb Hosting Fatigue Prevention & Remedies (Ep 293)

Airbnb Hosting Fatigue Prevention & Remedies (Ep 293)

Are you annoyed with your Airbnb guests or overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing your listing? If you’ve been a short-term rental host for a while now, you may be tired of answering the same questions and frustrated with guests who complain about things you can’t control. This condition is known as Airbnb hosting fatigue. So, what can you do about it? Can you prevent hosting fatigue from happening to you?

Today, I’m doing a solo episode to discuss the issue of Airbnb hosting fatigue. I share my own experience with the phenomenon, explaining how I reignited my passion for hosting. I also offer insight around how outsourcing some activities and automating things like messaging, pricing, and task management can prevent STR hosting fatigue. Listen in to understand the problem with the Airbnb review system and get my top tips for finding the inspiration to stay engaged and continuing to improve your listing!

Topics Covered

My experience with STR hosting fatigue

  • Super-excited to host for first couple months
  • Complaints, repeat questions got annoying
  • Started to not care as much, ratings suffered

How I reignited my passion for hosting

  • Look for ways to change, improve (e.g.: Hostfully guidebook)
  • Engage with guests through WhatsApp

How to prevent Airbnb hosting fatigue

  • Automate or outsource some activities
  • Hire employee to clean, check-in guests

The problem with the Airbnb review system

  • 4-star hotel review = luxury, certain amenities
  • Airbnb expects consistent 5-star reviews

How I think about the Airbnb review system

  • One bad review won’t kill STR business
  • Take feedback seriously, be professional

My top tips for preventing STR hosting fatigue

  1. Focus on finding inspiration to improve
  2. Communicate with other hosts (i.e.: Meetups, online groups)
  3. Shift focus by asking right questions
  4. Take break from hosting if necessary


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