Airbnb Introduces Temporary Cancellation Policy (EP 327)

Airbnb Introduces Temporary Cancellation Policy (EP 327)

Airbnb Temporary Cancellation Policy

I'm finally back home to Barcelona after a few months in San Diego. It's weird to be alone all the time, but I'm using this downtime to learn and build skills.  Every day at 8 pm here and in many cities around the world, people go out on their balconies and clap and sing in solidarity with the healthcare workers and our community.

In today's podcast we talk about something you won't have heard of yet – Airbnb's temporary cancellation policies. One of our Inner Circle members was invited to a Zoom call with Brian Chesky, where she was able to personally ask him about cancelation policies – for hosts who want to have a flexible one for now, but keep a strict policy for 5-6 months from now. He decided to roll this out and it should be available to some hosts in a few weeks.

We also talk about the VA training we did in the Inner Circle with our member Rebecca from Pillow and Coffee, who explains how she trained 7 VAs to run her hospitality business (she has over 100 units) while she works only 2 hours a week in her business.

Eric also announced the webinar “Three Feet From Gold” that went live on April 16th. The name is inspired by a story from Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich. After talking to hundreds of hosts and industry experts, the training went through all the opportunities (and there are many!) that are available to operators in the short-term industry today.

Topics Covered

Airbnb rolls out a temporary cancellation policy

  • Some hosts will be able to have a different cancellation policy from April 1st to June 1st
  • also released a new cancellation feature
  • Useful for hosts who usually have a strict cancellation policy but need a flexible one now

Takeaways from Rebecca’s training on VAs

  • Rebecca works 2 hours a week, 100+ units
  • She explains how she trains her VAs to run her business with over 500 videos
  • Take your time to pick the right person
  • Create draft training videos and let them create their own
  • She runs her business efficiently and in a cost-effective way
  • Your VA is as good as your systems
  • Full training, where she explains exactly how to build these VA systems, available in the Inner Circle

“Three Feet from Gold” Training

  • Break down of opportunities for hosts to grow their businesses during the crisis
  • Examples of how hosts are focusing on profitability over cash flow and how to do it
  • Lessons learned from speaking to hundreds of hosts and industry experts
  • There is opportunity now more than ever
  • Short-term rental training to adapt to the changing market


Inner Circle trainings

Three Feet From Gold Webinar Replay

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