Airbnb Lays Off 25% Of Their Staff (Ep. 333)

Airbnb Lays Off 25% Of Their Staff (Ep. 333)

Every week Airbnb has a new major headline. In today's podcast, we discuss the news that Airbnb laid off 25% of its staff (1,900 employees). In a chat with David Krauss from Rent Responsibly, we talk about the overall health and forecasts of the short-term rental industry.

This is a very dramatic sign of where their ambition is in the medium-term. In the short-term, the host fund and the extenuating circumstance policies are very short-term initiatives, directly related to the pandemic. But making huge personnel decisions is not something you can turn back on.

Topics covered in this Get Paid For Your Pad podcast episode:

  • Airbnb initiatives pre-coronavirus
  • Their announcement about laying off a quarter of their workforce
  • Predictions of what this means for the short-term rental industry
  • The results of Rent Reponsibly's 1,500-person survey of hosts
  • The data indicates whether short-term rental changes were short-term or long-term trends
  • How many people have adjusted to COVID-19 with either processes or reservation parameters
  • The financial impact and in what ways hosts have adjusted
  • Advocacy and engagement measure: how many people are proactively calling their representatives?


Rent Responsibly

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