Airbnb May Allow Guests to Cancel June Bookings (EP. 329)

Airbnb May Allow Guests to Cancel June Bookings (EP. 329)


I'm getting a bit used to quarantine now. I had some hope that I'd be able to hop on my bike and go for a ride. I even received some fake news that told me we'd be allowed to do that by next week, but it was fake news.

Last week we talked about how Airbnb implemented a flexible cancellation policy – one that you could set temporarily until June 1st. You can listen to that podcast here. Multiple hosts have told me that they have access to this. Airbnb isn't really announcing these things anymore, so we have to report based on what we hear from other hosts.

Brian Chesky did a whole “Q&A” about online experiences, but he didn't really talk about the monthly stays – which is what really helps the host community. It wasn't much of a Q&A though. Eric is talking to hosts about the Monthly Stays – a huge tool for hosts right now – which Airbnb isn't talking about it at all.

Today's podcast is about something else.

Airbnb may extend extenuating circumstances

  • But not the 25% refunds to host – we received an email from Airbnb
  • Poll from Airbnb News Facebook Group: most hosts haven’t received anything 
  • Have you received it? We'd love to hear about it (the process & how much you received, if you're willing to share?)

An Airbnb “Host Update” coming up

  • Dropped the term Q&A since hosts can't actually ask questions
  • Next one is April 28th at 3pm PST
  • Also did a live streaming with
  • Paid Q&A with Skift's new policy

  • Guests who book now must confirm that they understand that they that travel is restricted, and by booking they are agreeing to the hosts cancellation policy?
  • Temporary cancelation policy 

Short-term rental host survey

  • Rent Responsibly is doing a Covid-19 Impact Survey for U.S. short-term and vacation rental owners, hosts and managers. Everyone who takes it will get the results. Click here to take the survey.


Airbnb Hosts Getting Almost Nothing From 250 Million Relief Fund

Hosts launch legal fund for collective action against Airbnb for unilateral refunds and inciting travelers to cancel reservations

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