Airbnb News Update March (Ep270)

Airbnb News Update March

Airbnb News Update March (Ep270)

In today´s episode I discuss the recent news in the world of Airbnb with Margot Schmorak, CEO of Hostfully. We cover the following news items:

* Airbnb acquires Hotel Tonight

Airbnb bought last minute hotel booking app Hotel Tonight. Details of the acquisition were not published, but sources close to the companies said Airbnb paid roughly $450 million in stock and cash. The company aims to add a wider variety of accommodation options to it´s inventory as well as increasing its user base.

* Airbnb listings in San Francisco stable

A year after Airbnb removed thousands of unregistered listings form its platform, growth has stalled in the company's home town. Total listings equaled 3.689, just a few dozen more than last year.

* Airbnb Mastery Summit starts March 21st

The Airbnb Mastery Summit starts on March 21st. This is the largest online event of the year, and features 17+ speakers, all of which are industry experts. Free tickets are available.

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