Airbnb News Updates and Q&A (Ep244)

Airbnb News Updates and Q&A (Ep244)

Airbnb News Updates

In today's episode, I discuss recent Airbnb news updates with Nicole Prentice Williams, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Hostfully. We recorded this podcast live on Instagram and Facebook, you can watch the video of the recording here. You can join and watch future episodes live, every Monday at 10.30am PST (1.30pm EST).

See below for the different topics that we discuss.

Airbnb friendly regulations in Switzerland

The Swiss government is proposing Airbnb friendly regulation that states that tenants need to obtain permission from their landlords to rent on Airbnb. However, the landlord can only refuse for good reasons, for example, if renting out would compromise the neighbor’s security.

Airbnb cancels co-host split payment option

An unpopular move by Airbnb, the co-host payment split option will no longer be available starting August 1st, 2018. Hosts will have to find an alternative way to divide their Airbnb income between themselves and their cleaners and managers.

New York city councilmen getting paid by hotel industry

According to the NY Post, councilmen who've been in favor of stricter regulation of short-term rentals have been paid by the hotel industry. The newspaper reports that “the hotel industry made hefty investments — about $460,000, in total — in council races during the 2013 and 2017 election cycles.”

The newspaper states that a total of fifteen councilmembers have received a payment, with on councilman taking home a massive $33,800.

Peek raised USD 23 million

Airbnb's competitor in the experience and tours niche, Peek, raised 23 million dollars in a recent series B round, led by Cathay Innovation. As opposed to Airbnb, the San Francisco-based startup sells software to activities providers instead of marketing tours directly to consumers. Could this be a potential Airbnb take-over target in the future or will Airbnb continue to grow its experience business organically?

Airbnb goes public before 2020, ready by June 2019

CEO Brian Chesky reportedly announced that Airbnb will IPO before 2020 when some employee stock grants expire. He also promised to pay cash bonuses to employees, some of whom are frustrated about the IPO that's been delayed multiple times.

Classic car rental available through “Book a classic”

Airbnb's high-end property rental arm, Luxury Retreats, has partnered with BookAClassic, an online peer-to-peer classic car rental platform, to offer car rentals to its customers. Guests who book a property can have their preferred car waiting for them at check-in. Over 20,000 cars in 36 countries are currently available.

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