EP065: Airbnb NYC: Evelyn Badia Talks about Hosting and Legislation

EP065- Airbnb NYC- Evelyn Badia Talks about Hosting and Legislation

EP065: Airbnb NYC: Evelyn Badia Talks about Hosting and Legislation

Evelyn Badia is one of the most experienced Airbnb hosts with five years experience on her belt. She has two listings in Brooklyn, New York City, and has hosted over 500 guests. She's also an active voice for the Airbnb NYC community and has told her story to the New York State legislature and the press on behalf of the sharing economy

In this episode you'll learn all about hosting on Airbnb NYC:

– How you can host on Airbnb legally in New York City
– What the rules and regulations are
– What is happening right now in New York with respect to Airbnb
– Great tips on Airbnb hosting

About Evelyn Badia

Learn more about Evelyn and her hosting tips at her blog and check out her listings at http://evelandbnb.com.

If you are an Airbnb host in NYC and you want to get involved, make sure to reach out to Evelyn and help support the Airbnb case.

Most popular neighborhoods in NYC

The most popular neighborhoods in NYC for Airbnb rentals are also the ones with fewer hotel options, a point that Airbnb has stressed many times in an effort to emphasize the value of it's hosts to local communities.

Airbnb NYC

For more stats on Airbnb hosting in New York read this interesting article on Skift.com.

Relevant links on Airbnb hosting in New York

See this article for more information on Airbnb related regulations in NYC.

Read this article on the NY times stating that 72% of Airbnb listings in New York City are illegal.

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  1. Mack says:

    Thanks for the episode Jasper! This was an awesome episode. I learned a lot…. I am wondering what the future holds now for the future of airbnb, after hearing whats going on in NYC…People getting evicted in NYC, new regulations, big business who are anti airbnb….inevitably other cities like mine will follow their lead… cool podcast again!

  2. Evelyn says:

    Jasper – thanks for a great podcast experience. You were my first and like my first guest I will not forget it.

    Mack – Airbnb isn’t going anywhere. There will be some restrictions and regulations. Look at San Francisco. Growing pains of a company changing the world. Airbnb will need to adapt to the different cities needs, etc.

    • Jasper says:

      Thanks for being on the show Evelyn, I think the info you provided is really helpful and it was fun chatting!

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