Airbnb Finally Pays Hosts Their Cancellation Fees (EP. 330)

airbnb cancellation fees

Airbnb Finally Pays Hosts Their Cancellation Fees (EP. 330)

Yesterday we woke up to multiple messages from hosts who are finally receiving their money from Airbnb after being left hanging for too long. There are operators getting all sizes of money from Airbnb – from $1.79 to $7,000. While hosts were skeptical about the cancellation fees they'd be receiving back – it looks like it's starting to roll in, despite the promise to send out early April.


  • Airbnb hosts get their cancellation fees back
  • Airbnb's Enhanced Cleaning Initiative that rolls out in May
  • The 24-hour buffer period
  • Airbnb's Booking Buffer (72 hours between checking)
  • Alternative vacation rental marketing strategies
  • STRPA Inner Circle training on email marketing (MailChimp for vacation rental marketing)



Airbnb's Enhanced Cleaning Initiative

Airbnb Booking Buffer

STRPA Inner Circle for live training on direct bookings

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