How to Take Great Airbnb Photos with a Smartphone (Ep. 336)

How to Take Great Airbnb Photos with a Smartphone (Ep. 336)

Many short-term rental hosts are using the Coronavirus shutdown to show our listings some love, taking advantage of the unexpected break to upgrade our Airbnbs. And those of us who’ve made improvements would like to update the photo gallery on our listings as well. But how do we take attractive pictures on our own—without the help of a professional photographer?

Vick Fichtner is the travel blogger and professional photographer behind the Smartphone Airbnb Photography Guide. Vick has degrees in architecture and interior design as well as a master’s in photography, and she has been an Airbnb Plus photographer and quality inspector since 2011, photographing more than 3,000 homes. She also has six years of experience as an Airbnb host, sharing her home in Barcelona with guests from all over the world.

Today, Vick joins me to explain how to take great Airbnb photos with a cellphone and share her top tips for prepping your space for pictures. She introduces us to the concept of staging your listing, describing how props can help a guest visualize their experience in your Airbnb. Listen in for Vick’s insight on how many shots to include of each room and learn how YOU can update your listing’s photo gallery (and attract more bookings!) with the camera on your smartphone.

Topics Covered

How to stage your Airbnb listing for photos

  • Use props to help guests visualize experience
  • Don’t use items that are too personal (e.g.: shoes)
  • Avoid clutter, try groups of three objects

Vick’s general advice for taking photos of your listing

  • Take more than necessary and publish best
  • Take photos from different angles for 3D view

Vick’s Airbnb photo gallery checklist

  • One shot each of exterior and entrance
  • Two to four shots of living room, bedroom
  • One to two shots of dining area, bathroom
  • Two to five shots of outdoor space

What makes a good cover photo (hero shot)

  • Eye-catching, stands out from listings in area
  • Shows most unique or interesting space
  • Not too busy (frontal shots work best)

What inspired Vick to write the smartphone guide

  • Not allowed to work during lockdown, no guests
  • Decided to redecorate during forced break
  • Help other hosts update photos with cell phone

Vick’s tips for taking smartphone photos of your listing

  1. Shoot from doorknob level
  2. Don’t tilt phone (hold parallel to walls)
  3. Clean smartphone lens

Connect with Vick

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