EP060: w/ David Ordal, CEO of Automated Pricing App Everbooked

EP060- w: David Ordal, CEO of Automated Pricing App Everbooked

EP060: w/ David Ordal, CEO of Automated Pricing App Everbooked

David Ordal is CEO and co-founder of Everbooked, an automated pricing app for Airbnb hosts. It automatically raises your price when demand is high, and lowers it when it is low. As a result, revenue goes up. Their users have seen revenue increases ranging from 10 to much as 40%.

The system is ‘set it and forget it’ — once you link it to your Airbnb account, it automatically updates your prices several times a day. If you want to see your prices before you signup, you can put your listing into their pricing demo.

Everbooked even helps your listing’s position in the search results, as Airbnb favors listings with updated calendars.

David explains how the app calculates the prices. The Everbooked algorithm considers a wide range of factors, including visitor statistics, events that are taking place, airline and hotel traffic stats and even the occupancy rates of your competition.

Show Notes

Special offer: sign up for Everbooked now and get the first 90 days for free with no obligation to renew!

See your listing's prices in the Everbooked pricing demo.


  1. Victoria says:

    This is very interesting concept. Looking forward for you to arrive to Europe.

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